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Forms of Cleansing & Detoxification Seminar!


This is just a preliminary "shout out" as many details of this event are to be planned. I'm putting it out there so anyone interested can save the date!

Topics of conversation at the seminar will include benefits of juicing & juice fasting, mercury detoxification, detox eating, cellular cleansing, cleansing with essential oils, bowel cleansing & more!

The seminar will be 4 to 5 hours in length, the cost includes a luncheon, class handouts with other literature for purchase, as well as an opportunity to get discounted rates on my services.

I'll be creating an invite shortly on where people will be able to purchase the tickets in advance for $40. Tickets will be $50 at the door. Purchase tickets at in advance for the discounted price.

I'll be teaching it at the beautiful & serene Bodhi Seed Yoga studio in Downtown Mt Clemens. I'd love to see a group of people from the Lansing area too so I'm happy to help connect people interested for car-pooling. Please do a preliminary "sign-up" at my facebook page so you can stay in the loop!

I promise it WILL be worth the drive! :)