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Peace & Calming Homemade Salt Soak

I do love a good soak!  

I have a feeling the ladies on my list will enjoy this too:) 

I used Ball Jars (of course). I added 20 drops of Peace & Calming Essential Oil by Young Living Brand to 1 quart jar full of Celtic Sea Salt. Not exactly sure how much this gift cost me to make but it wasn't much. Peace & Calming is one of my favorite aroma's of all times. It's helped me through some dark moments. It's a great pick for inhaling, applying to the feet, the back of the neck or a few drops in the bathtub. The salt is just a bonus! :) This is an inexpensive way to share the love of therapeutic grade essential oils without breaking the bank! 

Lot's of love in this gift though...and those are the best gifts to give - and get!