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How To Take A Single Remedy Homeopathic

I'll often recommend single remedy homeopathic medicines to clients, friends and family. But it occurred to me today that these are somewhat foreign objects to most folks so I thought a bit of explanation was in order on this. 

First of all, at the health food stores there are many homeopathic remedies. The single remedies are most commonly sold by the Boiron brand in the "blue tubes". These remedies are safe, gentle, inexpensive and effective care for a whole laundry list of common daily ailments. There are certain remedies that I'd say - never be without!

My top three remedies if I had to pick them would be as follows: 


Arnica Montana 30C. This remedy is great for any sort of head trauma from a bump on the head all the way up to severe brain trauma of say a car accident. It also works for bumps, bruises of any kind, aches and pains of overexertion etc. 

Belladonna 30C. Belladonna is the fever remedy. It's amazing for helping the body to effectively work with fever, it doesn't automatically lower fever. Afterall the body is using the fever to effectively burn off a virus of some kind, so the body needs the fever. Belladonna helps the body to effectively manage the fever, and speed the process of healing. 

Lastly, if I had to choose, I would pick Arsenicum 30C. This is a wonderful food poisoning remedy, however I find it helpful for a host of problems. Any problem that arises which is a direct result of the food you ate, calls for a dose of arsenicum. 

There are also 6C doses available, the difference is simple. If it's a very severe, sudden, acute and intense ailment, do a 30C. If it's a more subtle, slow moving or chronic ailment, go with the 6C dose. 

Instructions for taking single remedy homeopathics (blue tubes by Boiron brand)

  • remove paper seal near the clear cap of the blue tube. (see “peel here”)
  • invert the blue tube, clear cap down.
  • twist the cap counter-clockwise until you hear a “click” sound
  • one pellet should drop out of the tube into the cap.
  • remove the clear cap, holding the pellet inside
  • use the cap as a “cup” to dispense the pellet under the tongue.
  • pellets are sprayed with the medicine and should not be touched with your hands.
  • take one pellet under the tongue up to five times daily for mild to moderate symptoms.
  • one pellet under the tongue may be taken every ten minutes for severe symptoms.
  • use the remedy until the symptoms lesson.
  • if it no improvement is seen, this is not the correct remedy and a new remedy must be chosen.
  • Avoid coffee, brushing your teeth or peppermint/spearmint toothpastes or teas for fifteen minutes before or after taking a remedy.
  • homeopathic remedies are safe for infants, children, expectant mothers, the elderly and even animals.

I hope this helps you get the care you need!