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I'm Removing My Mercury Fillings, What Supplements Should I Use?

So your having your mercury fillings removed?  -GOOD FOR YOU!

You've taken an important step in improving your health and staving of many debilitating disease. There are lots of websites dedicated to educating people on mercury toxicity but this site has a vast list of symptoms so it's worth looking at. 

First of all begin taking Alpha Lipoic Acid a few days before the removal and then continue to take it during the removal process, then for months after. Not only is this s powerful antioxidant with many benefits to the heart, skin, gums, but it will benefit the removal of mercury by "surrounding mercury molecules" and pulling them from the body.

Pick up liquid bentonite clay for swishing immediately following each removal. I'd insist to do it as soon as the dentist removes the dental dam & your oxygen mask. Any mercury vapor particles that are in your mouth will be absorbed by clay and spat out down the sink.

Your dentist should be using an oxygen mask on you to protect you from mercury vapor, a dental dam should be used (as mentioned before), and make sure the dentist knows you are replacing your mercury fillings with NON-Mercury fillings. I've heard horror stories. Be clear with your communications and expectations.

If you see Dr. Daoud in Stockbridge Michigan, he can actually test which teeth need to come out first based on the amount of electrical current that is running through each tooth. The "hottest" teeth need to go first. Otherwise have a Naturopath Muscle Response Test the order in which they need to come out.

  • Increase ingestion of cilantro once you begin removal. If you eat this 3-4 times a week this would be great.  It's also available in a tincture!

  • Increased water intake. Take your body weight number and divide it in half. THIS is the amount of ounces you should be drinking daily. Add Chlorophyll- this will kick up the blood cleansing ability. Choose Natures Sunshine Products Liquid Chlorophyll. It's one of the most trusted brands I know of- especially that I'm hearing that chlorophyll itself can have mercury in it as it's derived from alfalfa. 

  • Make sure you are pooping everyday!  I can NOT overstress the importance of this!  Increase consumption of fruit, nuts, healthy fats, chia seed soaked fiber, try juicing, and of course avoid dehydrated fruits and veggies. All dehydrated foods PULL moisture from the colon to reconstitute. This can plug you up!  If your struggling with this, we may want to consider some mild natural laxative herbals. It wouldn't hurt to "purge" the system afterwards OR if your doing enema's, this will likely not be necessary.

  • Any sort of essential oil you have that is able to pass the blood brain barrier. I know Spikenard, Frankincense are in this class of oils. See my post on moder hippie regarding "The Clearing Of Cell Receptor Sites" in the Photo Albums. This will protect and cleanse the glands of the brain that are affected most by mercury. Young Living Oils would be best. 
  • Also do healthy fats. A LOT of them- 2 TBSP of your fave EFA per day. Do High Quality Fish, Hemp or Flax. These have a protective benefit also.  Choose Carlsen's Fish Oils, Nutiva Hemp Oils or Barleans Flax Oils for a good value. 

  • Ingest Kelp capsules too to put the cherry on top. It's rich in natural iodine which my professor always says protects the body from mercury poisoning.  My suggestion would be check with me on brands- There are a lot out there and you want one that is harvested anywhere far away from the pacific ocean. LOT's of residual contamination there after the Fukushima disaster. 

Have you had your mercury fillings out and have a story to tell?

Share it here! Search my website for Mercury to find out more about environmental poisons, how they effect the body and more on my own personal experiences with mercury removal.