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2 Day Cure For A Bruise: A Bee Sting

I had to post these as it was my first experience with treating a bruise with a bee sting. Many of you may know this about me, that I recently begin doing Bee Venom Therapy on myself for arthritis in my hands and feet. 

Yes, I'm serious. I sting myself Monday, Wednesday & Friday each week (beginning last week). To reduce pain, inflammation and turn back the clock on arthritis - my knuckles are beginning to get deformed and I'm losing range of motion.

So ANYWAY, I had a bruise on my arm on Monday from who-knows-where and I decided to sting it and see what happens. The results were pretty amazing.

Bee Venom Therapy might not be fore everyone - but it's worked for my Mother, who has severe RA and was on some of the works drugs out there for years. She is now pharmaceutical free, still works and is a total and complete ass-kicker.

She looks younger than ever too - I could handle that! Cheers friends!