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June Herb Walk in Howell Michigan


Have you seen this herb? What's growing out of the sidewalk?

How about in your back yard? I'd love to share with you what I know about medicinal and edible plants! You'll learn to definitively identify medicinal and edible plants, how they support the body and what you can use them for at home. Join us!

Wondering what an herb walk looks like? Check out this short video from last years Herb Walk - what a great time! 

We will be hosted by Mayor Phillip Campbell of Howell who selected the location of one of his favorite nature trails for this Herb Walk. I'm grateful for his support in sharing this event with the people of Howell ~ Thanks Mayor Phil! 

When, Where, Why, What!

Date: June 22nd 2013

Time: 1:00pm

Where: See the map below!

What to wear?

What to wear? Dress comfortably with good walking shoes. If you want to bring a pair of gardening gloves we might have the opportunity to pick some Stinging Nettles! Please bring natural bug sprays so if its still pretty damp in June we wont get bit up!

Can I bring my kids?

Children are welcome but I'm not 100% that it's stroller friendly. Children between the ages of 5-10 years old seem to do the best at Herb Walks as they are interested in edible plants and don't mind the walking. In my experience they really enjoy it and I'll do my best to make it fun! :)

Below is a map showing the location of the Herb Walk. Howell is about 40 minutes East of Lansing. We'll be exploring a little trail along state land which is unsprayed so we can enjoy eating what is edible and can harvest a few herbs here and there without contamination.

What should I bring?

If you'd like to take notes or bring a camera to take photos of the herbs, it's very helpful! This was how I was able to learn them myself! So Camera, pen and paper, possibly some gardening gloves if you have them - AND BUG SPRAY! 

We walk rain or shine so if wet weather threatens, please bring an umbrella or two!

RSVP at this Pingg Invitation so I know who to expect! See you then!

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