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And So It Begins; My Journey With Bee Venom Therapy For Arthritic Pain & More


Last night I did it:

I bought a box of bees and some tweezers. From now through the foreseeable future I'll be stinging myself Monday, Wednesday & Friday to reduce inflammation and pain in my hands and feet, hopefully slow or stop the gradual deforming of my knuckles and perhaps I'll even look a little younger. The likelihood is high.

I'll begin small, doing just 6 stings last night on my back, I'll do 9-10 on Thursday. Perhaps I'll do 12 or so on Saturday.

This is how it's done. I've seen it work.

My Mom began Bee Venom Therapy or BVT (in conjunction with juicing and taking all products of the hive such a Royal Jelly, Bee Propolis, Bee Pollen and Raw honey. She consumes these daily and stings now only every other week.


At first she stung A LOT. Doing as many as 35-40 stings 3X's a week. But now since she is off all medications for RA and since she is doing so well- she's been able to reduce quantity and frequency of stings and achieve the same result.

It's a beautiful thing & I want some of it!

Did I mention my Mother also reversed her allergy to dairy in the last year? (unintentionally) Either from the stings or juicing- or both.She also looks 10 years younger easily. Between her beautiful skin and her long shiny hair - damn, my mom is kinda hot!

I'm excited about what BVT will do for me. Perhaps improve my skin in addition to decreasing inflammation? I'm game.The challenge will be stinging myself as I have a hubby that is deathly afraid of bees. It's usually easier to have someone else sting you. I'll have to get creative.

Here's a list of conditions I know have been treated with Bee Venom Therapy & Apitherapy. Apitherapy is ALL products of the hive used to benefit health.


Cancer - all kinds.
Broken Bones
Holes in the heart - (congenital)
Amputee problems with nerves & pain.
Reproductive problems
Menopausal problems
Chronic Pain of any kind
Animals with hip dysplasia (it works great on animals!)
All trauma, car accidents, sprains, strains.
Colds and bronchitis
HIV (this was shown very recently)
These are just the ones I know about- I'm sure the list is 3 times this size. I believe that all human disease & illness can benefit.

Lets do this!