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Don't Be A Mosquito-Magnet! Repel Mosquitos from Within!


Be A Bad Host! 

Mosquitoes are like little flying parasites looking for hosts! A bad host is a healthy one - Repel them best by being fully saturated with B-Vitamins and Garlic! B-Vitamins & Garlic will repel mosquitoes from the inside out. They don't like the way you "smell" when your all B-Vitamin-Garlic-saturated! 

At the links above are two potent and high quality products by Natures Sunshine. Members get mega discounts so reach out if your interested. Take 3 capsules of B-Vitamins per day and 1 per day of the garlic (as directed). With other brands you may need to take more. 

B-Vitamins Repel Mosquitos From The Inside Out!


Not a fan of pills? Try ingesting brewers yeast daily. Sprinkle it in soups, on salads, on popcorn or in casseroles. It tastes like a cheesy topping so it's very versatile. Brewers yeast is an excellent source of B-Vitamins and other trace minerals. Get it for cheap in bulk at Better Health Market or a health store near you. All the brands taste different so if you find one that you aren't too hot on, try a different brand or store if it's bulk. Brewers Yeast (aka Nutritional Yeast) will not negatively impact candida.  

Start small because overdoing it at first can give you gas. Begin with 1 tsp per day or so & increase to 2-3 tbsp per day max. Over doing it too fast (I've learned from experience) will have you repelling more than mosquitos! 

Garlic Repels Mosquitos too!


Additionally take Garlic capsules and try to increase your raw ingestion of garlic for a few weeks too. If garlic bothers you, consider taking digestive enzymes as you  may not have adequate enzymes and/or hydrochloric acid to break this down. Juicing daily helps with this.

If your concerned with garlic breath just do a hefty dose of the odorless capsules. Begin with (4) capsules 2X of a regular brand from the health food store. (less if it's high potency) Do this daily for a few weeks and then just take it a few times a week thereafter. This might get you through the more "mosquito-ee" part of the season. 

More On B-Vitamin & Garlic Benefits

Other benefits of taking B-Vitamins and Garlic abound! B-Vitamin Complex (meaning a combination of all the B's) help reduce stress, assist in all bodily functions, enhance mood and feelings of well-being. They assist in the utilization of many amino acids necessary for normal brain function so they are pretty important. If your naturally a 'stressed-ball' type of person, you'll burn through your b-vitamins from food like crazy and supplementing may be necessary.

Garlic supports the cardiovascular system at large and is "natures antibiotic". Taking garlic regularly will keep you healthier. Consider the Monks in the days of the black plague: They were BIG TIME garlic and herb-eaters! Many believed it was their holiness, likely it had more to do with the garlic.


So say you (or your kids) are bitten-up like crazy and covered with hives and welts - Apis Melifica 6C (or 30C) is a great homeopathic remedy for just that occasion! Any sort of bug bite will be benefited from one pellet under the tongue every 15 minutes until the welts subside. This can be purchased in the "blue tubes" by Boiron at any health food store for around $7.


My favorite bug spray yet is the Quantum Brand Buzz Away spray. It smells nice, it's relatively natural (not perfect but better than sprays containing deet), it's non-irritating and seems to do the job.  Another that I've had my eye on contains Neem and is much more natural but I haven't tried it yet. (I'm using up the Buzz Away first)

Neem is a powerful bug killer, lice killer and perfectly safe for the skin. It doesn't smell great so that is another thought. Luckily this is a small bottle so your not married to it all summer long. I'm in the market for a really good homemade bug spray recipe so if you have ideas on that - shout em' out! Comment below or email me at 

Preemptively Take B-Vitamins & Garlic For Trips For Best Results

This protocol does take some time to build up in your system. If your planning a camping trip for example, begin the B-Vitamins, Brewers Yeast and Garlic for 1-2 weeks ahead of time. There are MANY other natural ways to repel mosquitoes such as essential oils for example - If you know of a combination that works great, share the love!

Let me know how it goes campers! ;)