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Obesity's A Disease?


The AMA has announced that obesity is now an official disease. My mind goes to past announcements of the wars on drugs or the war on cancer - which have been only marginally effective - Why would a war on obesity do any better?

Now that obesity is a disease, we will see an influx of new drugs to "cure" this disease. (which has worked so well for heart disease & diabetes!) More drugs, less accountability for our own health & we are driven further from the root problems of obesity. It isn't a human disease, it's a societal disease spawned by a combination of the following problems, common habits and practices. 

  • Sedentary lifestyles.
  • Or society's shift away from home cooked, whole food diets with ample fruits, veggies & antibiotic/hormone free meats.
  • The rise of convenience foods, everything comes from a box, a can or fast food.
  • High fructose corn syrup laden sodas, breads & more. It's hard to have moderation of such a ubiquitous ingredient. 
  • Compromised intestinal health due to GMO's & hybridized wheat products as well as other processed foods. 
  • Compromised immune/gut function due to over-vaccination of our population (yep, I'm calling it out today!)
  • Over-use of antibiotics. It fattens up cattle that are raised for slaughter - it's likely doing the same to humans.

What do you think would help?