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Poison Ivy: Natural Cures & Preventative Measures


It's almost summer (tonight is the solstice), and what does that mean? Poison Ivy season.

Here are some things you can do, remedies to stock up on and some  new ideas to consider.  

Prevention Remedies:

One remedy that I've had work for myself and family is the homeopathic remedy Rhus toxidendrum (a.k.a. rhus tox). You could likely take a 6C or a 30C dose. If you get poison ivy (PI) regularly, I'd go for the 30C. If it sort of creeps up on you and doesn't get really severe, you could likely take a 6C and be just fine. You CAN take this preventatively too, so if you just know you're going to bump into her in the garden, take a few doses prior to and after just to be sure. 


Rhus tox is contraindication free and available at any health food store by the company Boiron. It comes in a blue tube and has 80 doses for about $7 - totally worth a shot! Just 1 pellet under the tongue is a dose. If you need more info on how to administer homeopathic remedies, check out this blog post.

Topical Sprays:  

If you already have the poison ivy, Rhus tox may help but you'd benefit from picking up a spray or salve to use ASAP. This is a nice topical spray with Jewel Weed in it. Jewel weed is natures answer to poison ivy and it even often grows right along side PI - isn't nature sweet?  


I also really like the looks of this salve by Mother Love - Great formula! If they would have put Jewel Weed in this one it would be a home-run for PI. It has plantain, comfrey, marshmallow and calendula so it's going to be soothing and healing. Alternate it with the spray for a nice combo treatment. 


 Plantain is a good herb topically for PI and most skin irritations. Making a salve is SO easy, just make it in the early spring or winter time. Otherwise you won't be in the mood come summer when you really need it! Learn how to make herbal salves at this link - search for "herbal salves".

Ingest LOT'S of licorice root tea or take the capsules (10 per day or so while you've got PI). Licorice root is a natural cortisone so it will help with the nerve pain and swelling and should expedite healing. It will also support the adrenal glands to help you get over illness faster and have a stronger immune system. There are MANY other benefits. If you are on blood pressure medications, skip this as it naturally raises BP when taken in high doses. 

Digestive Enzymes: 

Another idea if you already have a case of PI on your hands is take TONS of the digestive enzyme Protease. This should be in everyones first aid kit for all bug bites, snake bites and yes, even poison ivy. It will go into the blood stream and "gobble up" that poison ivy protein that is making you so crazy with itch and pain. Take 10-15 throughout the day on an empty stomach as often as possible. Digestive enzyme therapy does a lot more than just help you digest food. It can work like magic for allergies, hay fever and for first aid cases such as PI, poisonous and/or bug bites.

Immune Health: 

Lastly, if you break out with Poison Ivy every year without fail, I humbly recommend looking at your immune health - it's not normal to get this so severely and is a message from your body that you could use a boost!

Got a natural Poison Ivy remedy that you just love??? Tell me about it so I can share that love! :) 

Cheers friends & Happy Summer!