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Read Any Good Books Lately? This Is My Go-To Herbal Guide!


 A friend reached out & had this question for me...

"I was wondering if you have a recommendation for a good book about grasses, plants, flowers & herbs that we can find in our yards/fields for medicinal purposes & how to make teas etc from them....?"

I sure do!!! 

"The New Holistic Herbal"  by David Hoffman is just such a book. 

It's by far my most used herbal book. It doesn't have all medicinal herbs but it's adequate for beginners and a resource to anyone at any level of learning. I never leave home without it!

It has a simple, holistic physiology section at the beginning (LOVE), it has a section on how to make herbal tinctures (liquid extracts preserved in alcohol), herbal infusions (medicinal use of herbal teas infused in water) and teaches you how to make healing salves as well.  It provides a mini-education in "Herb-Speak", explaining terminology commonly used in the medicinal plant world which is invaluable. 

The book is old-school so it has illustrations instead of color photos but these days it's easy to google the common name or latin name of a plant and click on "images"  to find an array of color photos so you can get a better look. I'd also recommend going to an herb walk if you can find one (or if I'm teaching one), so that you can do some field ID learning.

There is no better place to start than in nature to learn about healing plants - and more importantly to starting forming a "relationship" with these plants. When you truly know a medicinal plant, you can experience it's many gifts, that often go beyond healing just the physical body. Amazing, beautiful stuff. 

The New Holistic Herbal is worth every penny:)