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Sugar Fix: Suggestions & Thoughts

Need a chocolate fix with no cane sugar?

I'm LOVING this. Amazing chocolate bar:) organic, rich and yummo!

While I know this is a little bit of a cheat - coconut sugar is still sugar - I'm letting it slide tonight. Better than breaking down and making the trader how's pumpkin bars I'm saving for the weekend.

Trying not to eat refined sugar during the week is a "B"! This little fix did the job and will get me through to the weekend when I can enjoy a bit of refined sugar without firing up my addiction to it.

Oh the games I play to try to be healthy:) haha

-------> Why avoid sugar?
Lots of reasons! <---------

•It ages us (yes, I'm talking wrinkles) like no other substance!

•It disrupts the hormones majorly! So thyroid conditions, PMS, infertility hormonal acne etc, apply.

•Sugar inflames the body - so those with arthritis, fibromyalgia or other inflammatory dis-eases, should do their damnedest to get it out of the system regularly.

-------> Need a fix with a household item?

•Real maple syrup, raw local honey, stevia and other sugar alternatives should be your go-to.

-------> Other options to break the sugar addiction?

•Daily mega doses of cinnamon (either in a liquid tincture or sprinkle heavily on your oatmeal!) cinnamon balances blood sugar.

•An herb called Gymnema sylvestre, an Ayurvedic herb, helps make sugar taste bad when you eat it! Take it by tincture daily or if your about to have desert, you'll eat less sweets and not crave them as often. Google it!

I hope this helps!