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Cheers to Fall!

A lovely juice with golden beets, carrots, celery stalk, leaf and root with a gigantic apple;)

I haven't juiced much in the last year compared to previous years. I think I just needed a break, you know?

Don't get me wrong, I made smoothies galore and had fruit for breakfast often, which works for my blood type; and I probably ate a metric ton of steel cut oatmeal last winter.

- But let me tell you how I've suffered from not juicing!

My digestion has been very finicky, I can't tolerate periodic splurges of "normal food" that inevitably happen (i.e pizza or a burger). Gas bloating and occasional constipation were never an issue with daily juicing. Juicing contributes to stomach enzymes, which aids digestion. 

My arthritis flare ups are far worse without regular juicing and this is because juicing gives the body minerals including organic sodium - which lower inflammatory responses in the body.

Juicing supports digestion by creating a hospitable environment for food to be digested, adding crucial enzymes to the stomach that help you break down food and protect the stomach from diseases like stomach cancer for example, ulcers, acid reflux and more. This is directly related to the level of inflammation we have in our bodies. This is why leaky gut is often the root cause of inflammatory conditions such as arthritis, fibromyalgia and more. 

Juicing doesn't have to be a daily ritual for it to make a difference in your life, however to see improvement in chronic illness - I would say that 3-6 times per week would be ideal. Start small - but get started! I've juiced twice this week and already I feel different. I need it, there is no doubt in my mind.

What have I been waiting for?

......Oh yes, I know! I've been waiting so that I could have this experience, of seeing the stark differences between how I feel juicing or not juicing - and to share it with you:)

Have a bountiful and blessed autumn day, week and season friends! 

My new matching fall sweater, I had to:) 

My new matching fall sweater, I had to:)