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Why You Should Try Fermented Cod Liver Oil


Yes! Finally!

Fermented Cod Liver Oil. In the super delicious (seriously) cinnamon tingle flavor.

I've been wanting to try this for years now! Ever since a dear friend raved about it!

( thank you miss Heather )

But why fermented cod liver oil over regular cod liver oil?

Turns out there are plenty of reasons; including more nutrition per teaspoon - which is the whole point!

It's produced without heat - ensuring that there is more of the nutrients for your brain, gut, skin and for its cognitive benefits. This is the traditional way that cod liver was made - even back in Roman times.

Check this article out by CHEESESLAVE - she lays it all out!

The reasons to take fermented cod liver oil (FCLO) are all the same reasons to take regular fish oils...

  • lubricates digestive system for better regularity; a must for the constipated.
  • healthy fats = healthy brains...we've been depriving our body of healthy fats with the low fat craze for over 50 years now - butter is your friend:) FCLO is your friend too;)
  • improves cognitive function and learning in children as well as supports their attention and focus.
  • lubricates joints, supports healthy skin, bones and teeth (which is why I am taking it) my teeth aren't great and I was told by a trusted teacher that this would help.
  • supports the health of the gut overall- we all need that. For all digestive woes.
  • lowers inflammation in the body in general. Inflammation is at the root of most ailments. It certainly can't hurt!
  • wonderful for eczema, psoriasis and chronically dry skin, lips, eyes, face and even vaginal dryness. Lubricates the entire body.

For most people: Take 3-4 ml for the first month. Then this amount may be reduced. (For adults) Amounts for children will be approximately 1/2 that amount. For severe chronic problems, one may need to take 3-4 ml or more for an extended period of time.

Google Green Pastures Cinnamon Tingle. It's better to buy multiple bottles for a discount so gather some friends and get a few bottles. It's the way to go!