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I Haven't Been Juicing - And I Can Tell!

Good morning juicers:)

I've fallen off the juicing bandwagon over the last few months as with the cold weather, I've been craving warm things like oatmeal or just keeping it simple with fruit in the morning.

I've noticed a few things though; which have motivated me to jump back on my juicing routine.

•My teeth are really sensitive!

They hadn't been sensitive for years during my avid juicing and in the last few months the extreme sensitivity to cold, hot and sweet things like honey has really bummed me out! I know that my teeth aren't as healthy when I'm not juicing for long periods of time. And if my teeth suffer- you know my bones are too!

•My skin doesn't look as vibrant or youthful.

Yes indeed, I'll be 35 next month so I'm aware that there should be some changes from my youthful skin at this point but this is ridiculous! I feel like my skin lacks elasticity, tone and even looks dehydrated most of the time. The antioxidant load of daily juicing will help get me back on track.


I feel as if my inflammatory response is up from what it should be. I hurt in the morning, my hands and wrists seem to be more problematic than they should be and I know that the pain I'm feeling is likely the result of too many inflammatory foods and beverages and not enough anti-inflammatory foods and beverages-

That's where juicing comes in.

Juicing loads the body with enzymes, helping to lower inflammation. It's got tons of antioxidants to fight aging by supporting the production if collagen. The minerals and specifically the natural sodium are really important for bone and teeth heath and the health if the stomach:)

Juicing makes you feel good too- I'm totally enjoying this glass and I'm doing it again tomorrow!