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Drinking Reverse Osmosis Water? Make Sure You Add Trace Minerals!


For those of you that attended my seminar on forms of cleansing & Detoxification on Saturday and those who are interested in drinking the healthiest water possible, look into adding "ConcenTrace" trace minerals to your reverse osmosis or distilled water.

Trace mineral should always be used for reverse osmosis (RO) and distilled water if your drinking it consistently.

RO is really the best way to go if you have the means as it's the only way to get fluoride out of the water - fluoride is a tiny molecule compared I something like chlorine. It's difficult to filter.

Distilled water will still contain fluoride, a known endocrine disruptor. It causes hyperactivity, reduced birth weights and reduced number of offspring in laboratory animals; and has been cited to increase chances of osteosarcoma in young men. All this info is available online.

Needless to say it's more important than ever to have clean water.

So, the RO process removes pollutants, but it also removes minerals from water too - which we need!

Trace minerals are necessary for the proper function of the nervous system so it's really important to supplement in your purified drinking water.

Otherwise you'll actually be LOSING minerals as the RO or distilled water goes through your system, as it has a natural drawing action.

An added bonus of Trace Minerals Research Brand "Concen Trace" Mineral Drops is that it makes the water taste really good (for the water connoisseurs in the house) AND it also alkalizes the water, making it a benefit to people trying to beat or prevent diseases such as cancer, osteoporosis, kidney diseases and much more.

An alkalized and hydrated body is a much healthier one:)