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A Lovely Lemon-Peppermint Liver Flush

I put this together this morning for my Sister Destinee; who treated me to a much needed massage yesterday. She's about to embark on a few months of gentle liver cleansing and this is a great way to start that anyone can do.

Combine the strained juice of two organic lemons and three drops of high-vibration essential oil of peppermint in a half pint caning jar. (high vibration EO's is hippie-speak for the "good stuff") Young Living Brand, Be Young or Doterra will do just fine.

Pour yourself 1 tbsp of the lemon/peppermint combo into a shot glass and add 1oz room temperature water. Send it down the hatch first thing in the morning before drinking or eating anything - everyday for the rest of your life. (Kidding- but you could do this very regularly as it's so beneficial).

This will help to prepare the stomach for food, alkalize the body (add minerals) and prompt the liver to secrete bile; a cleansing and digestive process for better elimination.

Love your liver! It does a lot!