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18 Days No Caffeine Of Any Kind!

Thank goodness for Dandiblend or I don't think I would have made it:)

Why the heck am I doing this, you ask?

Most of my issues are that of tension related problems, chronic pain, arthritis, TMJ and hip pain. Eliminating caffeine is an important step towards relaxing the nervous system, encouraging hormonal balance and improving stress reactions and digestion.

Now that in out of the woods, (first 5 days I had a pretty annoying headache) I don't need caffeine at all to be alert. I do feel cravings though- and that's when I go for the Dandiblend.

I'm seeing some mild improvement with the TMJ too- with the addition of the Oatstraw tea in the last few days, even more so.

I've also noticed a direct connection to electronics use at night- texting and typing- with heightened tension in the shoulders and jaw.

Food & drink for thought!