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Yoga & My Emotional Release

I just had an amazing emotional release in my morning yoga class...yep - I cried there on my mat in savasana.


An emotional release is a release of energy or Prana, a release of emotion that's been held deep inside. It felt good to feel that way on my mat. I wasn't embarrassed even though I'm certain some of my fellow yoginis noticed. I felt glad that I could do that, as I know some can't.

It was the funniest thing though; it was the song that she played while we rested there. It reminded me of my grandmother almost immediately. Probably because it had the air of being slightly religious - but not overtly.

It made me think of my late grandmother because she was always telling me that she wanted me to find a nice church. When I think of this it makes me smile.

Laying there thinking of her, I could see every detail of her face, her eyebrows, her eyes and hair. I could hear her voice. It was as if she was with me - and I knew that she was.

As we heal ourselves - we heal 7 generations forward and 7 generations back. I know my grandmother is happy for me because - well, I found my church:)

Enjoy the day and tell the ones you love - that you love them:)