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Is It Yoga?

We've all taken classes that were perhaps too focused on the physical and not enough on the breath or the vrittis (whirling a of the mind).

But I think there can be a balance with this. Perhaps you want to do the occasional hard-core hot yoga for a physical challenge or to burn off last nights pizza or ice cream? Why not if we take pleasure in it:)? Additionally, there are hot yoga teachers that do inject the yogic teachings into the classes. Trying to merge the main stream demand for a "good work out" and a spiritual demand for stillness.

Balance, balance, balance:)

For me as long as I frequently attend classes that help me draw inward instead; the classes that remind me over and over that the breath is all that matters - I keep my perspective.

Classes like I took today where I hardly had a thought that went beyond the edge of my mat! It was son pure and lovely.

Then I feel like I can stay balanced within - the physical, mental, spiritual - maybe not perfectly all at the same time, but still moving forward with that intention.

Breath, Bandhas, Drishti, Yamas, Niyamas...if we don't have those in our practice, Is it yoga?

Thoughts friends??