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Like Yogurt? Read this!

I've been eating yogurt his week. I don't normally because most commercial yogurts are junk food. Yep, I said it. Junk food!

Loaded with sugar, artificial colors, flavors, they're pasteurized, homogenized and they do more harm than good.

This yogurt is about as close to raw milk yogurt as you can buy in the store. My next step will be to get raw milk and make my own yogurt - but until then - this is close enough.

Mash up a ripe organic fruit of your choice with a dab of maple syrup and done! You could do peaches right now, strawberries or blueberries. Organic only though - as these crops are HEAVILY sprayed with endocrine and cancer causing pesticides and herbicides.

Not just any yogurt will do either! Raw is truly the only healthful way to consume it. And this can typically be purchased through a cow share in your local area! Google "real milk" to learn where.

Blood type B's do the best with yogurt. They evolved to to eat cultures dairy and they thrive in it. Blood type A's have they're health negatively affected with regular store bought yogurt consumption.

If your a blood type A (or any blood type for that matter) - And you're phlegmy, always clearing your throat and/or you are occasionally constipated and eat yogurt daily, consider taking a break from this as the yogurt is NOT helping.

The main problem is that they use pasteurized and homogenized milk to make commercial yogurt. This destroys beneficial bacteria and alters the cells of the milk permanently making it an unhealthful thing to consume daily. Think of commercial yogurt as a treat, not a healthy choice.

How else could we consume more milk and yogurt than most nations and still have sky-rocketed osteoporosis for the last 50 years? The milk is no good for us - unless it's pastured, organic and raw.

This yogurt I bought locally is un-homogenized and pasteurized only once (apparently most commercial yogurts pasteurize several times?) - again, destroying the healthful benefits of the yogurt.

Look into pastured cows (this means they eat grass) organic raw milk if you must have your dairy.

Raw yogurt, milk and butter is the only way to go! Contrary to what fear lingering folks will have you believe it's very safe. In my experience, the people that raise organic pastured raw dairy are in it to help people consume real food. They care and they produce safe and quality products for people because of that care.

Raw milk is safe to consume when properly produced and it's absolutely delicious.

Go Raw!