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Got Pain? Check This Out - Introducing The Acupressure Spoonk Mat

So, yes; I got a Spoonk for Christmas.

A Spoonk, not to be confused with spunk (lol), is an acupressure mat. It's a mat that you lay on - designed quite smartly - with plastic dials encircled with tiny spikes. When you lay on them, they stimulate circulation, bring heat, pulsing and pain relief.

I was fascinated of course immediately, mostly because I'm a total weirdo like that - so I began using it everyday or at least every other day for the last 2 weeks. And I'll tell you - I crave getting on this thing. A hot bath and 20 minutes on my Spoonk Mat before bed and I feel great.


Let me tell you why I need it, and why you may need one too.

You may know from my blog that I have arthritis. Quite bad really for my age, it started in high school. And now after all these years I feel like it's in my neck. Bummer:/ I do what I can with diet and exercise but I have to work at it, to manage pain. Coincidentally the last few weeks before Christmas this year - were bad. My shoulder for whatever reason just ached for 3 weeks straight. I called it a "pain ball" under my right scapula. All day, at night; pain. 

When my girlfriend Sadie got be the Spoonk mat for Christmas I absolutely could not wait to try it because, well - I needed some relief! 20 minutes on this mat of mine and the pain is gone or at least 99% gone. My shoulders and neck will always need my attention I think. It's the nature of the beast of being ME:) 

How does the Spoonk Acupressure Mat work?

The bottom line with pain is this: All pain is a lack of oxygen. Where there is healthy circulation, blood flow rich with oxygen - the body heals - decreases pain and increases vitality. The Spoonk Mat increases circulation with pressure, and likely releases pain reducing endorphins.

You'll know if you try it - it's stimulating. Laying on it bare skin is the only way it works right. When you first lay down on it you need to adjust your body, wiggle around to find a good spot and relax into the initial discomfort. I won't call it painful, pain I know. You're laying on spikes so there is sensation, but not pain. Once you find a spot where you can relax, the stimulation begins. First there is warmth, and almost a swirling sensation of heat. The only thing I could really compare it to is the bee venom therapy that I've done - but it's not that intense by a long shot. This is subtle.

The heat builds and then your skin starts pulsing, like a heartbeat - but on your back and in your skin. I breathe deeply, slowly. I close my eyes and I find myself wanting to fall asleep almost every time I get on it. I've laid on it as long as 40 minutes (and that time I did sleep). It was incredible. I try to use it everyday (If I have time in the morning after a shower is ideal). But at night is great too because it really helps me relax and sleep.


Holy Redness Batman! These little divots subside in one to two hours after a treatment. Itching after the treatment is normal and a healthy sign of healing and circulatory benefits. 

Holy Redness Batman! These little divots subside in one to two hours after a treatment. Itching after the treatment is normal and a healthy sign of healing and circulatory benefits. 

When you carefully sit up off of the mat, you feel like a total pin cushion; and to look in the mirror you think, "holy shit!" Are these little divots ever going to dissolve from my skin? And YES - of course they do. There is no negative consequence for laying on the mat for 20 minutes a day (that I have seen in 2 weeks time). My skin on my back is perfectly smooth and lovely, just a hour or too later. 

I would recommend the Spoonk Acupressure Mat for people with pain - of any kind. Not just back pain. Here are a few more conditions that might benefit.

  • insomnia
  • anxiety or stress
  • back pain
  • neck pain
  • shoulder pain
  • arthritis in the hands, elbows, shoulders, neck
  • headaches
  • TMJ
  • Kidney or Adrenal dysfunction (these organs NO DOUBT get some stimulation with this baby)
  • excessive sitting
  • professional driving (delivery, truck driving industry)
  • overuse of computer, laptop, texting, or keyboard

In the time that it took me to write this blog post - about an hour - I'm already dreaming about laying on my Spoonk. Typing, texting and sitting all day at a computer is one of the number one reasons to use this thing - and don't we all do too much of that? They say now that sitting, not butter or smoking or bacon is the biggest killer; that with each sedentary work week, we shave time off our lifespan. But laying, laying is ok! This mat, used in conjunction with a balanced natural diet, healthy lifestyle and exercise, is a great way to offset sedentary segments of the day that we all have.

It comes in all sorts of fun colors too and is available on of course. Totally worth the $36.99 it costs. It can also be purchased with a nifty little neck pillow for a bit more - I feel like I need that too! This is the one that I got, a little cheaper without the neck pillow.

Get your Spoonk on! ;)