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2015 Fresh Idea #1: Ginger Juice & Herbal Infusions For Health


I'm jumping back on the horse!
Giddy up!

I've been making ginger juice for about 2 weeks now. What's Ginger Juice you ask? 

I juice about 3 hand size roots of organic ginger, then I squeeze about 5-6 lemons by hand (I find I get more citrus juice this way). Then I combine them together with purified water for a warming, anti-inflammatory and detoxifying cocktail.

If you like ginger, you'll love it! Add raw honey to make it sweet if desired. Separation of the ginger and lemon is normal. Keeps for at least 4 days in the fridge. Sip it slowly to get used to its spicy-loveliness. This is a great cocktail for chronic pain by the way!

I juice the ginger first and then remove the pulp from the juicer for drying (shown on the cutting board) Then this pulp can be used to make herbal ginger tea or as its properly called a "ginger herbal infusion". Steep for 15 minutes to an hour for the most medicinal results.

Ginger, lemon and juicing help to lower inflammation in the body. They also help to correct bodily pH, inhibiting diseases like cancer. These support the liver in eliminating pollutants from the blood that contribute to everything from weight gain to hormonal balance to skin problems.

Fresh 2015 has now begun;
Go get em'!!!!