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Got a Cold? Cheap & Simple Remedies for When You're Under the Weather


Well it finally happened. I got a cold. Stiff neck, mucus in the sinuses, sore throat, tired and achey.

So here we go -

One Set of Inexpensive Cold Remedies:

Kali Sulph 6X: I'm taking these a lot!

This remedy is great for colds, mucus, congestion of lungs, sinuses, or ears. It's also good for your skin by the way; Kali Sulph (potassium sulphur) has many uses in fact.

What I love about Kali Sulph is its JUST minerals. That's it. They will strengthen you and help you heal with no down-side. They are SUPER easy to ingest; just allow them to dissolve in your mouth - and you can't over do them so take them frequently during illness or convalescence. They are great for elderly, children and everyone in the middle.

These Cell Salts, as they are commonly called, are inexpensive at around $10 a bottle. Even cheaper online. 4 tablets under the tongue every few hours for colds or the above described symptoms.

--------> NEXT!

Bee Propolis Spray:


I'm using a local product as shown, which works awesome. ( However, propolis doesn't taste awesome. It has a very strong tasting and resinous flavor - but it's worth it, I promise you:)

The benefits of bee propolis are MANY. This is the substance that bees to protect their hives and their population of bees from fungus, bacteria, viruses, parasites and more. They encase their entire hive with it, and if any sort of predator - say a mouse - gets into the hive, they kill it and then they encase the body of the animal with the propolis so that the deterioration of the corpse doesn't contaminate the hive. Pretty gross - but amazing.

You can either bite the bullet and spray it right into your mouth (like I do) or you can put it into a small amount of water and slug it back. Taking this (at least 3-4 times a week) will keep you well from just about anything that is contagious so I highly recommend it. I was taking it regularly last month but stopped and thus - the cold I have now. It's ok though - live and learn!

Take 6 sprays or so, 2-4 times daily when you feel like your coming down with the flu, cold, bacterial infection, or other contagious illness. I also like Herb Pharm Brands Echinacea Propolis Spray. It works great! This product is around $10-12 at a health food store near you. It may be cheaper online.


Peppermint Oil:

I like peppermint oil while I'm under the whether because it clears the sinuses, feels nice on a sore, stuffy chest and unlike Vic's brand products - these oils actually have the medicinal effect of decongestion. Apply to the back of the neck and shoulders for a soothing icy-hot feeling.

I like Young Living Brand Peppermint the best - but there are other good brands out there too. Buy an organic oil that you like the smell of or buy Young Living online or through me- reach out!

I also use peppermint oil in my herbal teas - which brings me to my next suggestion.

Drink Herbal Tea:

Drink A LOT of Herbal Tea. During illness Herbal Infusions (as they are more correctly called) can do a great deal for your speedy recovery and to ease symptoms. 


Medicinal Herbs are almost all anti-bacterial, antiseptic, decongesting, anti-inflammatory and some are antiviral too. They are around $3-6 a box. They cost less if you buy them in the bulk section of a health food store like Whole Foods or your local Co-Op.

Today I'm drinking a little stinging nettle herbal infusion with marshmallow root and mullein leaf. All can be purchased individually. These herbs are anti-inflammatory, soothing to mucus membranes and decongestant.

To put the "cherry on top" for flavor in my herbal infusions - I'll often add 1 drop of peppermint oil to the tea pot and THAT makes it feel like a truly soothing cold and flu beverage.

Boxed herbal tea bags can be purchased at your local health food store. A few that I like are Traditional Medicinals Brand Echinacea Elder, Gypsy Cold Tea or my personal favorite Throat Coat tea. Steep 1-2 tea bags in a mug or a tea pot (making sure that your mug is covered) for at least 15 minutes. Typically I allow my herbs to steep in a teapot at least an hour; this will allow for the infusing of the medicines with the solvent (in this case water) - Making for a "strong brew" as I call it. This will make the most of your herbal infusions and your money! Many times the tea bags can be re-steeped a second time as well to extract every bit of medicine.

Herbal teas are great because they're a "two-for". They are medicinal, but also nutritions and very rich in minerals. That way if you don't feel like eating - it's a wonderful way to keep my strength and healing robust. Minerals like magnesium, potassium, calcium, manganese, phosphorus, zinc and more are rich in these teas; helping you to get better, faster!

Feed the Flu, Starve a Cold?
Listen To Your Body.

Personally, when I'm ill, I don't like to eat much. I eat light because my body needs a break from food - to focus on expediting healing. But do what you feel in the moment to nourish your body.

If you aren't hungry, listen to your bodily cues; eat light and drink ample herbal teas. If you're hungry, consume rich soups, vegetables and fruits. Limit wheat and dairy during illness as they will slow down the healing process.

Your body is communicating to you what it needs; rest, fluids, minerals and time. Heed the call!

Be well my friends, back to bed!