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Getting Serious About Lady Parts

This may be TMI - but I've had a really rough three cycles in a row.

A way too long series of cycles (running 40+ days), followed by horrendous period pain, vomiting, sweating, moaning - pain that makes you think your going to die. Yikes.

The 2 years prior were great with very little period pain, consistent cycles etc., this was the norm for quite a long run.

What gives?

5-W for Thyroid, Liver, Adrenal and Reproductive and Estrogen Support. 

5-W for Thyroid, Liver, Adrenal and Reproductive and Estrogen Support. 

It's likely that I'm enduring some sort of false-estrogen detox. False estrogens (likely built up from 10 years of taking birth control, many years of excessive alcohol drinking, a sea of plastic and chemical exposure and likely some residual hormone exposure from meats and other sources), build up in the system and especially the liver.

These Xeno Estrogens aka false estrogens can really mess up hormonal balance and contribute to infertility, dysmenorrhea (as I described), facial hair, PCOS, night sweats, poor liver, thyroid and adrenal health and diseases like breast cancer.

Needless to say, they gotta go!

So here we go - this is what I'll be doing for the foreseeable future.

5-W ingredients

5-W ingredients

5-W by Natures Sunshine (shown above). 5The 5-W is a 5 herb blend for hormonal balancing. I'll begin by taking just 2 capsules a day plus I'll be drinking my regular 5-10 cups of herbal teas per day for added support of my bodily systems. I drink at least 2 quart size teapots of medicinal plants each day. Herbs like Oat Straw, Stinging Nettle, Marshmallow Root, and lot's of different blends by brands such as Yogi or Traditional Medicinals for fun. 

It's crucial that you're having at least 1 bowel movement a day - and ideally you have "one meal in, one meal out". If you aren't moving the bowels, this must be addressed first. 

In a few weeks I'll add Natures Sunshines Indole 3 Carbinol. (Shown below)

Indole 3 Carbinol is a broccoli concentrate that detoxes false estrogens. 3 capsules per day to start of the Indole 3. It's important to go slow during an estrogen detox. The estrogen will come out of the body in unexpected ways - one such way is itching of the skin in the areas with heightened amounts of estrogen - i.e., breast tissues and the groin. NOT FUN. I have not yet experienced this - but I know plenty of ladies that have. So when you venture into the land of estrogen cleansing, go slow! 

OH - men can do this cleanse too!

Why would a man want to? 

Men that have had a high soy based diet for long periods of time, have eaten hormone laced meats for long periods of time, have "man-boobs" (sorry but it's true), will also need false estrogen cleansing and liver support. The bowels MUST also be moving daily. 

I'll likely do this for 2-3 cycles through the spring. Helping me to move through this detox a bit more gracefully.(There's nothing graceful about moaning and crawling around in the floor when you get your period.) But it is REAL. If you have issues like this reach out - we can work through it together.

I'll also be doing some liver love including a morning lovely lemon-peppermint liver shot and frequent green drinks. I'll be kicking it off at the end of this week with a little juice fasting. Additionally I'll be doing the essential oils Clary Sage by Young Living to help to bring my Reproductive system back into balance. I'll be saving that mostly for the end of my cycle though - I'll make sure to follow up and tell you how it goes! 

Winter is over and it's time to get to work with some spring cleaning.

Who's coming with me?