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Winter "Rut-Buster" in a Glass

I'm starting a juice fast today. Reluctantly

I'm doing it for two reasons:

First, I asked that a client of mine begin a juice fast today for her very serious health condition, and I told her that I would do it too, for support. Since I try to do what I say I'm going to do these days. I'm in. I'm such a do-gooder, aren't I? 

But let's zoom the lens in a little closer on what's really going on with me; I need this juice fast. Badly.

I've been stuck in a rut for weeks, months even. Feeling depressed, apathetic at times - it's hard to help people, when you feel like you're not doing a good job at helping yourself; such is the the plight of every holistic practitioner. It's gone on long enough - I wan't my joy back, damn it! So reluctantly, I'll fast.

And just as an FYI, I'm doing all the normal stuff to mentally thrive too - I go to therapy, get body work, take medicinal herbs for better mood, do yoga and eat pretty good too. But sometimes you go through something that you just can't quite get at. And that's where I'm at

I have no doubt when spring finally hits for real, when the sun shines more than once per week and when I give myself a healthy dose of invigoration - I'll be on the upswing again.

This needed invigoration comes in liquid form, it's readily available and anyone can do it. The Juice Fast.

So what is Juice Fasting? And how in the world can it help a mild depression? 

Juice fasting is the abstaining from solid food for a short duration, 3, 7, 10, 14 days or more, while ingesting only liquid raw vegetable and some fruit juices, herbal teas, lemons water and probiotic beverages like water kefir. 

It benefits your body in SO many ways - but here's a bullet point list.

  • fasting clears your mind, after the initial squirminess of not eating, a steady clarity comes
  • perspective of life comes into focus, what is really important becomes abundantly clear
  • toxins are removed that bog down the system and contribute to feelings of lethargy, apathy and depression. 
  • joy returns, this feeling that everything is so damn gloomy dissipates
  • sleep improves
  • juices and herbal teas nourish the body, building bones, teeth, tissues
  • chronic pain and inflammation disappears
  • more energy returns to the body
  • brings about a positive attitude, a fasting high if you will
  • losing weight for most can really make you feel good, lighter stronger, empowered
  • in a 7 day fast, on average I can lose 10 lbs,

if that's not motivation enough, what is? How can you know what I'm talking about? Try fasting. I'll fast for the rest of my life - I know it works. And now I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired. 

Join me?

Want to learn how to fast?

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