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Thinking of Trying a Juice Fast? You'll Need to Pick Up This Herbal Tea

The perhaps lesser known under-belly (or should I say under-butt?) of juice fasting; Herbal Laxative Teas.


Why do you need this during a fast?

It's a matter of house cleaning really. After a few days of fasting (usually around 3), one will stop having bowel movements more or less. So, in order to keep the detox moving along (and to avoid feeling like total crap from so much toxic sludge running through your veins), a laxative herbal tea should be drunk each night before bed after day 3 of a fast. With fasting, you detox VERY quickly, and once this is stirred up in your system - you have to clean house!

Smooth Move Herbal Tea by Traditional Medicinals is tasty and effective for just such a purpose.

Drink a mug with 1 teabag (cover and steep for at least 15 minutes) for occasional constipation or during a fast. Do this around 8:00pm before bed and most people will poop in the morning. Yep, I said it, poop.

There may be gentle cramping or urgency (not emergency urgency), but generally speaking most will have to go first thing in the morning. Everyone will react differently, so do this on a day that you're at home in the morning, so you can gauge your bodies reaction.

Never rely on any sort of herbal or otherwise laxative for longterm use (never more than a week or so). It's important that the peristaltic movement in the intestines works well on its own into old age for the best health.

For healthy, daily bowel movements, eat at least a few pieces of fruit per day. Try to get in at least one leafy green salad per day. Adequate water is needed for regularity so drink half your weight in ounces of purified water daily and if needed look into natural fibers such as ground flax, psyllium husk or chia seed.

I hope this helps!

Reach out with questions!