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Nine Days: Fasting Symptoms, Benefits & Waxing Happy

My fast:

Nine days in, probably 9 lbs lighter (I haven't checked) and a quantum leap away from how I felt last week.


I've had a variety of symptoms during this fast and not all of them pleasant. Fatigue at first, quite a bit of anger and frustration the first few days too, plus crazy random hiccups throughout, and a terrible metal taste in my mouth for 4-5 days (that's a first!) Then I even had a sore throat yesterday along with a very stiff neck, which was interesting. All of these things, by the way, are a normal part of a fast-as just about any symptom during a fast is "normal".

The body pushes out toxins and eliminates what's not working in the best way it sees fit. Sometimes it gets a little weird! But I trust–knowing the healing is happening. And now I'm reaping the benefits of my work.

My body is healing from the inside out! I've got a good attitude and sense of humor (which I all but lost due to a rough winter mentally.) I've got great energy, focus and the best thing - NO pain in my hands, fingers or wrists.

Today I walked into a yoga class and the teacher said you look so blissful–it's oozing out into my aura apparently! Bonus!

Fasting is truly a transcendent experience. I'm grateful, happy and I had to share my newest purchase.

I'll probably go 14 days but we'll see;)

Look for my juicing and fasting book soon: it teaches the basics for the rookie juicer and if fasting fascinates you, this will be the book for you!