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I'm Adding a New Service! Ever Heard of Raindrop Therapy?

I'm studying up one of my newest service offerings! Raindrop Therapy (RT)

RT is bodywork with both physical and energetic techniques, incorporating relaxing and non-invasive touch.

It's done by applying 9 essential oils to the spine in a specific order. These oils (shown) lower inflammation, decrease pain, kill viruses, bacteria support proper alignment, balances hormonal activity, break down pollutants in the body, oxygenates the cells, and improves the innervation of all that the nervous system controls (pretty much everything!)

I'm really looking forward to doing this for my clients, friends and family.

Reach out if you're interested in the details! The service is not yet on my website- but it will be soon! For now I'm charging a discounted rate of $55.

Ailments that will benefit from Raindrop Therapy:

•Chronic pain
•Chronic yeast or Candida albicans
•Acne, eczema, psoriasis
•Kyphosis or lordosis
•Frequent illness
•Recurrent infections, i.e., lungs bowels, sinuses etc (diet must be addressed)
•Vaccine damage
•Chronic stress, anxiety and depression may also be improved when used in a addition to a holistic diet and herbal protocol when needed.

Call me and take advantage of this unbeatable pricing! I'll get my moves down and you reap the benefits in the meantime!