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Sobriety: Gently (and JUST barely) Touching Clarity Amidst Chaos

Walking down the street in the French Quarter tonight, I feel very literally like the only sober person on the face of the planet. Which I know isn't true, it just feels true.

Most people go through their entire lives without so-much as touching their lips to a beer, a bottle or smoke. When substance abuse runs in your family, it's hard to believe that's truth. Think of all the people in India, China, and Arabic countries that don't partake? Pretty interesting really.

I'm just now (for two years) getting accustomed to the feeling of clarity in chaotic situations, and in calm moments too. Sometimes I love it. And sometimes I absolutely hate it. But that's life, isn't it?

Oscillating between fun, and not so fun. Comfort and discomfort, loving things and hating things too. Trying to maintain equilibrium can be a bitch, you know? That's why I need breath work and yoga at a very minimum; icing on the cake is sending these thoughts out so that someone else can say, "ah, yeah. I know what that feels like."

Stay strong in your convictions, whatever they are!