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Three FREE & EASY Ways To Get Your Vitamin D

Start with a little good ol' fashion sun worshipping:) 

The sun is the BEST way for your body to create free Vitamin D in house! It's a complex chain of events that happens during this process, but the bottom line is this: We get a little sun, and our liver and kidneys create up to 25,000IU of Vitamin D in one sitting. That puts supplements to shame by comparison. The most natural way is almost always the best way. 

  • Get at least 15 to 60 minutes of sun exposure per day (don't burn yourself! Just before you turn pink is ample exposure). Do this without sunscreen on your arms, chest, face and stomach if possible. Sun yourself as close to mid-day as possible for the UVB rays that help you to produce D. It must be direct sunlight while being outdoors. Sun exposure through a window blocks UVB.
  • Avoid showering for 12-24 hours after sun exposure to allow for the full absorption of Vitamin D. Vitamin D production begins on the skin where you have been exposed to sunshine. Showering frequently washes off the stuff that goes into the bloodstream and generates Vitamin D.
  • Stop wearing sun glasses every time you go outside. A portion of our Vitamin D making begins with sun entering our bodies through the retina of our eyes. I know everyone loves a pair of cool shades (present company included) and they are handy in many situations–like driving–but skip them a few times a week or more to enhance Vitamin D absorption.

In the winter for most people, supplementation of Vitamin D is necessary. Cod liver oil is one good source of D. Take double the recommended amount on the bottle for the first month to saturate your tissues. You can also supplement with an all natural Vitamin D3 supplement from your local health food store. Take this as recommended unless indicated by a practitioner your working with.

Some of these concepts are controversial and not considered "mainstream opinions" of health practices, but let's think about how we've evolved as humans: We've come this far without sunscreen or sun glasses: Could the human race being "sold" on slathering ourselves with toxic sunblocks be contributing to our widespread Vitamin D deficiencies? Could sunglasses impede our body in producing plenty of D? I think - YES, it could. 

Our health is optimal with a more natural, native diet; and with an existence closer to nature, we can thrive. We need the sun for survival. We need ample supportive nutrients to support the matrix of health that makes us truly well.

More Thoughts ...

... Most of us know by now the importance of Vitamin D.

Most obviously it nourishes our bones, teeth and immune health but a lesser known fact is that Vitamin D supports the body in its production of serotonin and melatonin–important neurotransmitters for feelings of wellbeing and sleep (respectively). Vitamin D deficiencies are also common with arthritis sufferers. How many people do you know with insomnia? depression? osteoporosis? More Vitamin D and a better diet can help.

Skip the Milk for Vitamin D absorption: 

Contrary to popular belief, pasteurized milk is not a good source of vitamin D or Calcium. Commercially available milk has been left devoid of many absorbable nutrients, and is inflammatory to most.

Pass on the milk and set your sights on the sun (not literally- don't stare at the sun).

But the sun has dangerous UVA-UVB rays, right?

Not exactly ...

Detrimental effects from the sun have more to do with deficiencies in our diets than excessive sun exposure. Ironically the detrimental effects of widely sold sunscreens and sun blocks are also very real.

---> So let's start with nutrients that protect us from the detrimental effects of sun exposure:

Nutrients you need for protection from detrimental effects of the sun:

  • Plentiful Essential Fatty Acids such as fish oil, cod liver oil, flax oil, coconut oil, and other essential fatty rich foods such as wild caught salmon and seeds and nuts. (Taking more than is recommended on the bottle is often necessary to shore up deficiencies) What fits in the palm of your hand is a good rule of thumb on a dose per day.
  • Plentiful antioxidants contained in ample fruits, vegetables and supplements. Several servings (what fits in the palm of your hand) of each per day with supplementation may be necessary with our exposure to oxidative stressors. (The arch-nemeses of antioxidants).
  • Plenty of purified water per day. 1/2 your weight in ounces per day. Choose Reverse Osmosis filtered water, alkalized water or some other form of reliable purification. At the very least a Brita filter until you can afford another source.

Avoid Commercially Available Sun Screens and Sun Blocks like the plague!

Go for brands like Badger Balm, Tate's, Aubrey's Organics, or other Mineral Based sun blocks.

Look for ingredients that you can pronounce, understand; especially if you have small children as the ingredients in commercially available sunscreens are absolutely toxic. 

Thanks for reading! Now go outside and play! :)