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The Sandford Lake Special Needs Camp Experience

Sanford Lake Special Needs Camp is such a rich experience. It's all of the stuff of life, rolled into three days.

It's fun, messy, sad, painful, relaxing, exciting, moving, tearful, joyous, frustrating and rewarding. It's hard work! It's also gargantuously inspiring.

This weekend helps me gain perspective on what's important. Namely- love. People with special needs - need love, praise, healthful food, they need healing touch and care. Just like everyone - but even more acutely, as they can't always choose these things for themselves.

I'm grateful to be a part of this family of people. I'm excited to bring holistic practices - slowly, but surely to the camp. I'm planting seeds and it feels good. I'm tired, dirty and grateful today! If you're interested in giving to this phenomenal cause, please do. You're gift TRULY changes lives.