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Shedding Layers, the Naturopathic Way

Exactly 1 year ago. Nothing fit me in my closet, and I was really unhappy in my skin.

Exactly 1 year ago. Nothing fit me in my closet, and I was really unhappy in my skin.

This is a humbling post to write. But, I feel like I'm ready to share it.

I've been through a lot in the last 2 years. But one of the things I haven't really talked about publicly, is my weight. Yes, I know, I'm always beautiful at any weight, or so they tell me –But it's still hard! I'm quite certain that last summer I weighed 155 lbs or so, maybe more? And it took me making some major changes to shift towards a body that feels more like "me".

In this post I’m sharing what it was like, what I did about it, and what it's like now.

I’ll begin by saying that I was really miserable. It’s hard to have a job helping people, when you don’t feel good about yourself. It’s actually beyond hard, torturous is more like it. Everyday, you feel like a fraud, a fake. And this went on for a while. I couldn’t get “unstuck”. I had no motivation to change, and it was really wearing me down. Fortunately, God, universe, source, my higher power, had a plan.

I got really sick in March after my birthday. Could hardly eat, terrible cough and fever. But it was a huge blessing. Because it spurred the modifications to my diet and lifestyle necessary for change.

Whole Foods: No, not the store.

  • I gave up all sugar (besides honey and maple syrup (and fruit)

  • I gave up wheat with the exception of some home made sour dough here and there.

  • I gave up dairy, cream, cheese, yogurt, all that.

  • I gave up most meat for just a few weeks as a cleanse.

  • I switched from coffee with cream and honey EVERYDAY, to green tea, yerba mate´, or herbal teas.

  • No more La Croix either (disturbs your mineral balance)

And that’s it.

I really didn't change my physical fitness, although I'm working on that now. I didn't try to cut calories, or avoid carbs. I ate rice, quinoa, any vegetable I want, meat, AND, I got REALLY creative with my sweet treats.

A few things that I creatively made to help with my "snackiness"

  • Cut up apples and dehydrated them (added cinnamon) for a night time snack.

  • Roasted nuts and seeds with cinnamon, maple syrup or honey for a sweet treat.

  • Made homemade nut milks in my blender to make hot cocoas on nights that I just NEED something sweet. Raw cacao powder, honey, cinnamon, almond milk = yum-yum.

  • I reserve the right for a spoonful o’ honey – any old time I want it. It healthfully and effectively curbs your sweet tooth.

20 lbs lighter and loving it ! Everything in the closet fits! (almost) lol

20 lbs lighter and loving it ! Everything in the closet fits! (almost) lol

I also did some detox work in April and May. Including several liver detoxes, some bowel detox work, and on top of that, I REALLY focussed on my quality of digestion, sleep, stress, and took herbs and supplements for all that.

A whole food diet is paramount. Make your food.

I prepared water kefir for yummy carbonated beverages. I made almost daily whole food smoothies, and juices, salads and soups, I grilled out, baked, and used my dehydrator. On the go, I usually do a Q-doba salad, but besides that, I’ve pretty much consumed 100% homemade meals for the past 5 months. Which has saved me a TON of money!

This work was hard.

Breaking an addiction to sugar and daily coffee drinking alone is enough to scare the crap out of most people. The first two weeks were a challenge. How I got through it was I found other foods and beverages that I also really loved. I found a way to let go of the things that were absolutely not serving my body and mind. And I learned a lot in the process. The mental emotional shift alone is staggering. I'm 100% sure that sugar was contributing to mild depression. These changes have also had some really positive effects on (what is likely) undiagnosed endometriosis.

I feel happier, more balanced, my periods are less painful, more regular and less disruptive to my life (although not perfect)

So what is there still to work on? A LOT.

I'm definitely still struggling with a lot of inflammation in my hands and wrists. No one can understand chronic pain until they have it. When your finding it difficult to turn doorknobs or use a can opener, you know it's bad. I'm in the process of taking some drastic steps to improve that - so stay tuned. I'll be sharing that journey too!

Get some help if you need it.

If you want to learn more about what I did and how I did it. If you think that you want to make a change for yourself, but your not sure where to start. Reach out!

I do remote consultations or you can come stop by my office in Big Rapids Michigan. Let me share what I’ve learned and experienced, and help you take a holistic approach to weight loss and weight maintenance.

Blessings, cheers, love, light and happiness to y’all !