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Myofascal Relase At Home Care Class

Are you in need of some serious bodywork?


But maybe you don't have the time, feel comfortable getting undressed, or you just can't afford it right now?


Join me as I share simple yet effective at home techniques for releasing stress, restriction, pain, tension and anxiety in the body and mind through at home myofascial release techniques.

I've been practicing what I preach! I've received and given myofascial release consistently for several years now and I'm eager to share what I know.

This class is perfect for anyone on a budget, who needs more bodywork than is available to them, or someone who just wants to learn more about at home self-care techniques.

What the heck is Myofascial ?

Myofascial release ("myo" referring muscle, and "fascia" referring to connective tissue) is the gentle release of tissues in the body.

Fascia is the mother of all connective tissue! We now know that everything in the body is made from fascia, EVERYTHING! And It's crucial that we tap into those fascia layers to get deep and lasting results.

Come learn, experience and unwind!

This is a $20 class. We will spend over an hour together so prepare for that. Comfortable clothing is a must, no denim, restrictive clothing or thick fabrics. You must be able to get down on the floor, and get back up again for this class.

Please come with a yoga mat, 2 pillows, and a large blanket. If you have a foam roller or yoga bolster, please bring those. (see me for questions)

Each person will get hands on instruction, assistance and you'll walk out the door feeling like you had a massage, without disrobing, or paying a typical massage therapist session fee.

Join me for this special first of many classes. This is a prepaid class as we have a limit to 12 people so that everyone gets an opportunity to have hands on assistance with me.

Please send a $20 payment to on paypal or Cash App. $20 cash payments can also be left at the front desk at Red Fox Market.

Thanks! Excited !!!

Class Details:

  • Class to be held at the Red Fox Market

  • Tuesday September 3rd, 2019

  • 5:30pm (1-1.5 hour long class)

  • wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing. No denim, or tight fitting thick fabric.

  • bring yoga mat, 2 pillows, large blanket, and if you have a foam roller or yoga bolster, bring those!

  • There’s a limit of 12 participants for this class, so pre-register by sending a payment to on Paypal, or prepay at the front desk of Red Fox Market with cash.