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Anemia & Postpartum Depression

SInce attending my first home birth over the weekend my focus has moved to natural postpartum care. ​I began reading on the subject of PPD (postpartum depression) and it's connection to low iron...This is why natural, non-constipating & real food iron sources are necessary before, during and after the baby is conceived and born. Learn more here!

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I'm reading Ina May's Guide To Natural Child Birth Tonight...

Ina May's Guide to Childbirth
By Ina May Gaskin

I don't think I've ever read anything so empowering & magical.

The stories make me laugh, cry, cheer and fill my heart up with joy. 

All that from a book!

Truly ladies- a must read for anyone that is interested in natural child birth or is pregnant and just needs a bit of inspiration.

I'm so excited for my first home birth  this April. The mother-to-be is one of my oldest friends! I think it will change both of our lives.

Pure Love!