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Tinctured Sunflower Seed- Whole Food Vitamin E And Much More!


Looking for a whole food Vitamin E source?

It's difficult to get enough nutrients from our food! And antioxidants are some of the most important to get as they protect us from disease, disorder and premature aging. 

Vitamin E supports healthy circulation & helps prevent cancer. It's an amazing antioxidant reported to defend the body from over 80 known diseases!

I just found this Good Herbs Brand tinctured sunflower seed containing one of the best known food source of Vitamin E. 

Just click the link and scroll alphabetically to "SUNFLOWER SEED."

I've come to really trust Good Herbs. They are located right here in Michigan too. They make wonderful liquid (and some capsule) herbals with care, experience and they create well thought-out formulas.

Using liquids is my preferred way of taking herbals. Its easy to digest, fast acting and inexpensive. Learn more about why liquid herbals rock here!

There are more benefits to this Sunflower Seed tincture as well! 

This tincture is high in selenium (great for thyroid support), zinc (immune support), magnesium(stress support) AND B6- Which are required for proper amino acid utilization resulting in better functioning of the nervous system, brain & more balanced mood! 

I gotta get me some! Interested in making tinctures at home? Tincture making is easy, fun, inexpensive and effective for staying healthier naturally!

Amino Acids- The Building Blocks Of Personality!


Amino Acids are more than just the building blocks of protein- they make up who we are- OR who we can become!

Ever have consistant anxiety? Racing thoughts? Perhaps your the type of person that just can't relax?

Perhaps your short on something called GABA. GABA is an neurotransmitter that literally inhibits these "stress signals" from firing in the brain so rapidly! It calms, cools and sooths- putting you more in control of thoughts and feelings. 

Amino Acid dominance or deficiency can explain why feel the way we do, why we lack feeling and can improve health by making sure we have all the components necessary for balance biochemistry.

Understanding our brain chemistry can help take us closer to understanding ourselves; bringing us closer to self love & acceptance.

I took a course on Amino Acids over the weekend and I'm blown away at how they control many aspects of our personalities, tendencies & much of the human condition. Feelings such as fear, love, romance, intensity, lethargy, our quick wittedness or lack there of -ALL are controlled by dominating or lacking amino acids! 

It's an amazing subject which I'll be learning more about in the next 2 months as I do my research, prepare for the class I'll teach on the subject and work with clients to help find their deficiencies and dominance.

Are you interested in finding out what Amino Acids you're dominant & deficient in?

Take this fun little questionnaire- It takes just 20 minutes and you'll find out what your dominating and deficient amino acids are. This way you can shift focus in diet and lifestyle to bring more balance! Knowing what amino acids your short on based on your symptoms will indicating what foods and supplementation would be helpful for a more balanced outlook, tendencies and life in general!~

Check it out and email me at with questions regarding the results! 

Tell Me Your Juice-Story! Here's Mine!

Tell me why you started juicing, how it's changed your health for the better and your favorite recipe!

I'll select parts of all of your comments for my upcoming eBook to be released in the fall. 

Juicing for me started in 2005 out in sunny southern California. I began working for a small Whole Foods Market in the vitamin section. My co-workers were so experienced with herbs, vitamins and ways to be healthier naturally. I took to it like a duck to water! My job was to help people find what they were looking for to take charge of their own health- And I loved it! It was an exciting time for me, I was in my mid twenties and there was always something fun to do with my crew from "The Foods". Good times...


I was really into making smoothies at that time, when my Mom saw a juicer at Costco for a good price. She bought it in Michigan and mailed it out to me in California! I have my Mom to thank for so much already- And I owe my juicing passion to her as well. Thanks Mom!

I started with the basics, lot's of carrots, oranges. Nothing too fancy or elaborate. I juiced occasionally. I had a really small kitchen at the time and juicing on a daily basis never entered my mind. 


Fast forward 3 years later to 2008, I moved home to Michigan when my only brother Dusty was tragically killed in a car accident. Needless to say our family was and is devastated by this. I knew back then that I couldn't be in California without my family any longer. I uprooted and moved back in with my parents at 28 years old. 

It was a difficult time, being home after 7 years, losing Dusty. We all did the best we could to mend our broken hearts. I had no idea where life was taking me.


6 months to the day after Dusty was killed, I met my husband in a chance encounter on a golf course in the fall of 08'. We fell in love almost instantly and I moved in with him before Christmas. After our wedding in 2009, I knew that I had to make some changes in life and health. I was always so interested in natural health but I had no formal education. After taking a class on medicinal plants in the summer of 2010 I decided the time had come. I enrolled at a Naturopathic Institute in Carl & I just after we met in 2008Michigan. Part of their curriculum was to read the book, "Your Health, Your Choice" By Dr. M. Ted Morter.

While the book can be dogmatic at times, what really stuck with me is the concept of mineral storage in the body. When we don't stock up on minerals from fruits, vegetables and herbs, we can become depleted. We start writing mineral "checks" that our butt's can't cash! Running low on minerals is the basis for most disorders and diseases. I was reborn in natural health after reading this book and my juicing career began. 


Make sure you get THIS specific edition OR the first edition. The 2009 edition was printed with so many typo's it's very distracting. Purchase from Amazon so you can return it if need be. Juicing is the fastest way to build your body. Vitamins, minerals, antioxidant, and enzymes are a recipe for healing the intestinal tract, having more energy, staying young longer and keeping disease and disorder at bay. It's a delicious enterprise too, it's a labor of love. Since then I've done 4 or more juice fasts per year. I juice each morning or consume only fresh fruit until 11:00 or so most days.  I feel energized, and have no need for caffeine. I love trying different combinations but I'm also a helpless creature of habit. My standby juice concoction is carrot, apple, and celery with the occasional addition of ginger. 

Juicing works for me. Tell me how it works for you at!

Dr. Brownstein Article: Merck Contributed to 1000's of Deaths

How can we let these people get away with this stuff, is what I want to know...

I love his blog posts. Their are succinct and interesting. Thanks for contributing to my natural health education Dr. Brownstein!

The article below was taken dirctly from Dr. Brownsteins blog. Here's the link: Make sure to subscribe to his blog to stay in the loop!

FRIDAY, MAY 4, 2012

Big Pharma Cartel Busted

“Merck was ordered to pay $321 million in Vioxx probe,” (Reuters 4.26.10). The article states, “A Boston federal judge sentenced Merck & Co. to pay a $321 million criminal fine for improperly marketing its Vioxx painkiller a decade ago.”
Big Pharma pleaded guilty to having illegally promoting Vioxx for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis before it was approved for that use in 2002. Vioxx was withdrawn from the market in 2004 after it was found to cause heart attacks, strokes and death. Furthermore, Merck agreed to pay more than $600 million to the federal government, 43 states and the District of Columbia for a wider range of improprieties.
So, let me get this straight. Big Pharma Cartel member Merck & Co. just paid out $1 billion dollars for criminal activity. Do you think that is a lot of money? Merck doesn’t. Vioxx generated nearly $2.5 billion dollars in sales per year during the time it was on the market. Perhaps a billion dollar fine is considered ‘just part of doing business.’ But, ‘just doing business’ should not include tens of thousands of patients dying needlessly. What were the consequences of Merck’s illegal activity? The FDA estimates that between 1999 and 2003, Vioxx may have contributed to more than 27,785 deaths.

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Dr. Brownstein Article: The ADA Wants To Call the Shots on Your Nutritional Advice

Dr. David BrownsteinThe American Dietetic Association (ADA) is trying to pass legislature (in fact they actually already have here in Michigan) that broadens the scope of their practice and makes it illegal for anyone that is not a dietitian to give advice on the subject. I read an article written by Dr. David Brownstein, famous naturally-minded MD in Michigan which promted this post. 

Let's look at the facts: We have a nation of over-weight, diabetic, heart disease, and cancer infested citizens. I think the dietitians and the MD's have done quite enough, thank you. I am certain that I can't lump them all together. No offense to a naturally minded dietitian or MD- please don't misunderstand my position. I just happen to know that most MD's, and Dietitians don't give the greatest advice when it comes to the consumption of

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