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A Note on Olive Oil

Olive oil is wonderful. It's been used over many hundreds of years mainly because it's easy to press and it didn't require refrigeration to keep it from going rancid back before we had refrigerators!

Olive oil is one of the only food oils that you can buy that is processed without heat and will retain more of it’s trace amounts of vitamin E, it’s magnesium rich chlorophyll, and it’s other heart protective nutrients. 

 Extra Virgin Olive oil has even HIGHER standards of processing. So if you can be selective go with Extra Virgin as it's made with the best & freshest olives which equals better nutrients in your oil.

However, when it is cooked with at temperatures over 150º (as in with baking and when frying anything over a light sautee) The healthful benefits of the oil are promptly destroyed and replaced with mutagenic elements that can actually harm the DNA of our cells!

When DNA is damaged by any mutagenic substance, those mutations CAN be passed on to your offspring. Mutagenic substances also can contribute to cellular mutations (a.k.a.) they are carcinogenic or cancer causing.

Another important point about Olive Oil is that it’s not rich in Healthy Fat’s (EFA's) as with Fish, Flax and Hemp Oil.  So even if you eat olive oil on a regular basis doesn’t mean that your getting adequate healthy fats in your diet. It actually has half the Omega 6 that flax has and And No Omega 3’s at all which is what most Americans are deficient in.

Olive Oil has some wonderful heart healthy benefits, it has vitamin E and it isn't destroyed in the process of making it as with Canola, Cottonseed Oil, Soybean Oil and Corn Oil.  It is a great choice for pouring over steamed vegetables & lightly sauteing foods.  

When baking up to 350º use Organic Non-Hydrogenated (most are Non-hydrogenated) Unrefined Coconut Oil.

Cococut oil is mostly saturated fats so it is very stable under heat.  It's easy for the body to metabolize and is recommended for those with liver problems.  It is naturally antiviral and excellent choice for diabetics.  Instead of storing it as fat like other saturated fats coconut oil is immediately burned up by the liver and used as energy. 

I've been using it for all my baking and cooking for over 5 years and I love it! If you google the benefits of Coconut oil you'll find alot of great stuff. There have even been book written on the topic.

They sell it at Meijer, All Health Food Stores, and even Walmart has one.