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6 Ways to Avoid the Flu that WORK!

Skip the ick!

It's with these items that my husband and I stay well every year. Knock on wood, I haven't been sick yet this season. Carl came down with cold over Christmas and he was over and done with it in 4 days. I believe what we did kept it from going into his lungs:) Whew! TGFHH (thanks god for herbs and homeopathy)

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  • Skip incessant use of hand sanitizer & wash your hands every chance you get - especially if you work with the public, in an office, school or other public sector. Hand sanitizers used daily destroy healthy bacterial reserves, lowering immune protection. Sometimes it's necessary I know. But don't rely on it. It doesn't work that good anyway as demonstrated with post hand sanitizing bacterial testing.
  • Have Colloidal Silver by Natural Immunogenic's at your house. This is a tasteless antibiotic/antiviral spray. Great for kids, infants, elderly and very particular husbands everywhere. Skip the antibiotics as they kill healthy bacteria in the gut (um -DUH you need those for your immune system! :) ! You'll never go back to antibiotics again for non-life threatening illness! If you get a sore throat, congested feeling in your chest, fever or just don't feel "right", begin taking 10-20 sprays in the mouth every 3 hours. Hold it in your mouth for 1 minute. Gargling with this for sore throat works too! I've used this specific product for 10 years now with no ill effect and it works 100% of the time! In my opinion, this is a fail safe. I've turned many clients, friends and my entire family on to this stuff. Works for prevention of Montezumas revenge and pink eye too! You're welcome:) 
  • Have Ocillococcinum for flu at home (get 6-12 doses) Can be purchased at Whole Foods, Rite Aid, Walgreens & Target. This is the #1 homeopathic for flu in the world. It's worked for me personally at least 10-20 times. Use it for fatigue, body aches, fever, nausea or headache associated with the flu. Take it if you start to feel a little "off" just in case. I'm never without this - EVER! 
  • Have Echinacea capsules or liquid tinctures at home. Buy brands such as Gaia Herbs, Herb Pharm, Paradise Herbs, Source Naturals (their wellness formula is good) & I'm sure there are many others. Take several droppers full OR 3-4 capsules or tablets every 3-4 hours at the first sign of imbalance. 
  • Pick up cold and flu herbal teas to help push fluids. I like Gypsy Cold Tea and Echinacea Elder by Traditional Medicinals brand organic teas. They taste pretty good  and are warming, comforting and medicinal! You can't go wrong with Nettle, Ginger & Holy Basil Teas as well. 
  • Lastly Avoid eating excessive and heavy comfort foods while you're unwell. Also avoid refined sugar completely for several days. This will help your body contend with illness instead of trying to digest mass quantities. 

Any of these suggestions can be taken "one week off/one week on" through the cold and flu season to avoid getting sick. This is called a "pulse pattern" of ingesting medicinal herbs or homeopathy. The idea behind this is to take supportive substances that combat bacterial and virus - while allowing your immune system to do it's thing and work as it should naturally without assistance.

If you're already sick these suggestions may help lessen the symptoms, and/or get you out of the woods faster! Other herbal remedies are Herbal Respiratory Relief by Herb Pharm brand for an established cough that won't die. This has worked well for several people I know with persistent coughs. 

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