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Calcium Deposits: How we get them, How we get RID of them.

I recently had a friend reach out to me and ask what he could do for a calcium deposit in his shoulder.  I recommended that he started getting a very mineral rich diet intake, juicing vegetables rich in sodium. Celery, for example is high in sodium, which is a necessary nutrient for the body. Not the type of sodium that your french fries are coated in; This is the sodium found in abundance in vegetables such as celery and even in fruits.  I also mentioned to begin avoiding when possible "enriched with Calcium" products such as Orange Juice, Soy Milk, Rice milk or any type of enriched processed foods.  

Processed foods (pretty much anything in a box) are going to be made with extremely LOW quality vitamins and minerals that are simply not bio available. Bio available minerals come from food straight from the ground OR flesh from an animal that ate it's food from the ground (cows or chickens for example).  These vitamins and minerals have already been either synthesized by photosynthesis (plants) or have been broken down into a bio available form by the animal your ingesting (as in with a piece of chicken, fish or beef).  When a substance is bio available, this means that the body can use this substance as nourishment.

We can't process IN-organic minerals.  For example, we need iron but we can't eat iron shavings; However we might be.  The low quality iron enriched breads and cereals that are available have a form of iron very similar to that very same substance.  In fact, an experiment was recently witnessed by a friend of mine with a high powered magnet to test just such a notion.  

They used a high powered magnet and a piece of typical low quality white bread enriched with iron.  They wanted to see if the form of iron that the bread was enriched with was in fact the same type of iron that nails are made with.  The bread was instantly pulled to the magnet.  What does this mean?  It means that avoiding processed enriched foods will steer your body clear of the wrong types of minerals AND eating more vegetables and fruits, locally pastured meets and raw dairy will get you the nutrition that your body requires.

The Calcium deposit is a good example of why eating these types of food everyday is problematic.  Where does the calcium deposit come from?  Eating processed foods enriched with calcium elevates the calcium in the blood. The problem is, the body doesn't know what to do with this form.  The body has to stick it somewhere so it likes to tuck it in at entry points where ligaments attach to bone and other various places.  If the body doesn't have the right balance of other mineral like sodium, magnesium, and potassium; it can't put minerals where they go in the body.  People that are usually eating a diet rich in refined foods and lacking in fresh vegetables are going to see their mineral ratios out of wack which can lead to every symptom under the sun from depression to calcium deposits.

There are also herbs that can assist with the breakdown of a Calcium deposit.  Hydrangea Root for example is a great diuretic and helpful for dissolving kidney stones and breaking down calcium deposits.  This can be taken easily in liquid form.  An essential oil I will recommend for it is Wintergreen (make sure the wintergreen is a high quality source like Young Living brand so that it's not synthetic).  Apply this medicinal oils everyday to the bottom of the feet and to the affected area of the body. You can always reach out to me for any of your essential oil needs.

Avoid table salt, processed enriched foods, juice celery with some carrots and an apple everyday for a month.  The calcium deposit should begin to dissolve within this time.  

My friend responded to me 2 weeks after telling him about juicing celery and avoiding enriched foods.  He told me that the painful calcium deposit in his shoulder was feeling much better and his range of motion was improving after juicing with celery only 3 times!  He said that he tried many different things but this was the best it had felt in months.  

Music to my ears:)  Thanks for reading!