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Cha-Cha-Cha Chia & Chlorophyll: Why You Need Em'!

A digestive-support-match-made-in-heaven!

Chia seed all by itself is fantastic! It was used for centuries by native American and Aztec civilizations. It was used to give them sustained energy for battle or on long hunting excursions. Chia is the Mayan word for "strength".

It's power packed in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids, healthy fats fiber (both soluble and insoluble), phytochemicals and more. It's higher in essential fatty acids per ounce than salmon and is one of the the highest protein by weight plant sources as well. In nutshell- it's a SUPER FOOD! Chia is inexpensive, you can buy a pound for a couple of dollars in bulk at most health food stores- Here's Better Health Stores Link regarding Chia Seeds.  

Click to EnlargeChia Seeds Contain:

  • protein
  • fiber
  • calcium
  • iron
  • magnesium
  • phosphorus
  • potassium
  • sodium
  • zinc
  • copper
  • manganese
  • selenium
  • vitamin B1,B2,B3,B6
  • folate (folic acid)
  • vitamin A,C,& E
  • saturated fats, monounsaturated fats & polyunsaturated fats
  • essential amino acids (the ones our body's don't make) 
  • non-essential amino acids (our body's do make these)

Can you say HOLY COW?!? For even more on the healing and dietary benefits of chia check READ THIS!

My personal experience with chia is kind of funny. I first started eating the seeds a few years ago. I didn't really notice anything that earth-shatteringly great then. I was just putting them in my juice or green drink and chugging it down. One day I accidentally left the chia seeds in a glass of green drink for a few hours...

Click to Enlarge...I came back to the kitchen and there it was. It looked different so I tasted it- it tasted different too! Chia has a quality known in the herbal world as being very "mucilaginous". This means that it's healing and soothing to the intestinal tract and all mucus membranes. It's fill of mucilage! It's the healthy fats and fiber that it contain that make it so beneficial to the digestive system. It's high nutrient profile and easy to digest character are just a total bonus!

Chia Seeds absorb 30 times their weight in water. I believe that leaving them on the counter to absorb the green drink for several hours did the trick for me. The first day I used chia seed in this way I noticed an immediate change in my bowel movements. Sorry- TMI for some- BUT, our bowel movements are an important indicator of health, or LACK of health. Leaving them to absorb water (before ingesting them), adds moisture to the colon and makes elimination more effective, complete and timely. 

Most people should notice a difference within one week. Try supplementing with chia seeds daily. Use a container with a lid so you can shake it up. Begin with 1 tbsp per 12 ounces of water, green drink, or fresh juice. You may increase to 2 tbsp in 24 ounces of water per day after 1 week (if you desire). Allow them to soak in liquid for 2-4 hours, refrigerated or not. The texture is different, but now that I'm used to it- I love it! 

My professor Bessheen up at my Naturopathic Institute always says, "If a meal goes in, A meal should come out!" Supplementing with chia seeds has finally gotten me there! YAY!

I'm adding the chlorophyl for an extra blood cleansing, digestive supportive benefit as well. Chlorophyll is the substnace that plants contain that makes them green AND enables them to convert sunlight to energy- so cool!

Another really interesting thing about chlorophyll is that it's structurally nearly identical to our hemoglobin. Hemoglobin contains iron, chlorophyll instead contains magnesium. Hemoglobin is the substance that transports oxygen to the cells of our body. 

Benefits of Chlorophyll include: 

  • reverses mutagenic capacity of some cancerous chemicals
  • slows cellular damage by radiation
  • aids wound healing by stimulating cellular growth
  • builds up the blood and neutralizes toxins such as pesticides
  • binds with heavy metals removing them from the body
  • fights infection
  • improves liver function
  • eliminates mouth and body odor
  • good for all degenerative disorders

Chlorphyll is one of natures most protective medicines. That's why Green Drinks are so beneficial as well; click the green drinks link to read how to make them at home! 

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