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Chocolate & Cayenne Chicken Chili

What's for dinner tonight? Do you have the following items in your pantry?

2 cans cut Stewed tomatoes (2 pints of homemade or 2 cans)
1 cup Organic Dark Red Kidney Beans (soak dried ones for 18-24 hours for best nutritional beans) canned are just fine too. For canned Kidneys use one can.
1 cup chopped leftover baked chicken (YUM)
1 tsp organic oregano
2 tsp powdered baking chocolate (fair trade and organic is always a good way to go with chocolate
1 tsp organic cayenne pepper
1-2 cloves organic garlic, crushed or minced.
1-2 tsp Himalayan sea salt (begin with 1 tsp; increase to taste)
A couple of tablespoons of the chicken broth from baked chicken (optional)

Obviously if you DON'T have these exact ingredients don't despair! Tweak it however you like it, The basics are that it must be salted adequatey but not overly, if your making chili from dried kidneys, patience is a virtue. You need a solid 18- 24 hours of soaking and so they are nice and soft once cooked.

Once you've got everything in the pan make sure you give yourself a good hour to let it all simmer so that the flavors can really mingle! If you don't have the hour, 10 minutes on high followed by 10 minutes of simmer should do the trick. Make sure you don't burn it though!

Why use dried beans over canned? For one you can buy in bulk at the health food store and they are DIRT CHEAP! For 2 when beans are soaked they are much easier to digest. And lastly canned foods are prepared long before you ever crack the can opener and eating foods with minimal processing is always best.

A few other tidbits: Himalayan Pink Sea Salt is EXTREMELY mineral rich, very diverse minerals = better nutrition for the body. Using herbs that are fresh, garden picked or dried for best flavor and nutrition. Lastly try to find a local farmer who raises chickens. If you live in Michigan like me it's easier and cheaper than you think. Our chickens are about $10 and feed Carl and I at least 3 times; Not to mention all the kick-ass broth we get from baking these birdies. These are happy, pastured chickens, free of hormones, antibiotics and roamed free around the yard foraging for bugs and worms. Healthy Chickens means a healthier YOU!

Bon Appetit!