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Defeating the Yeast Beast

This is the Renew Life Critical Care recommended by my Naturopath. I've trusted Renew Life for years. Pick this up at Better Health with a coupon if you can as it's pricey. Chronic yeast infections are not something to put a bandaid on...

...And by bandaid I mean Monastat, Vagasil or any of those other over the counter creams or suppositories. This will only suppress this illness for a short time, only to have it rear it's ugly head later. As it did with me. I used Monastat in my early twenties for yeast infections that I would get about once a year or so. 10 years later, here I am dealing with it for keeps, naturally.

For me this battle with yeast began with the removal of the mercury from my teeth late last year; just days later the yeast began to detox from my body, with a vengeance! Mercury toxicity actually impedes the body's ability to reduce yeast overgrowth. Now that the mercury is gone, the yeast is subsiding. I have flare ups but as long as I avoid beer, too much refined sugar and stick to the program below, I'm defeating the yeast beast. Healing is about perminant lifestyle changes, not temporary quick fixes. Ho Hum.

Antifungal prescriptions like Diflucan will only provide temporary relief as they will address fungal overgrowth in the blood. The bowels is where Candida Albicans primarily resides, so it's important to address bowel health when fighting the yeast beast. Combat this naturally by increasing your healthy bacteria population, avoiding sugar (which feeds the yeast) and supporting the body with anti-yeast and fungal herbals. A yeast infection is just one symptom of candida. Click this link to view a complete list of signs and symptoms of Candida Albicans. 

Below is my complete regiment for combating yeast infections effectively. 

Daily probiotics must be used and should be very potent, 25 billion-50 billion count per capsule. "Renew Life" makes the brand I use and they are excellent. It's called "Critical Care." This can be found at any health food store. Try to use a coupon wherever you go as it's a pricey item at around $30 for 30 days. 

Populating the vagina with healthy bacteria is one of the best ways to bring relief from the itching associated with yeast infections, but it also will help to encourage balance in the ecology down south. We want to have an abundant supply of healthy bacteria, vaginal suppositories are an excellent way to accomplish this. Learn how to make coconut oil probiotic suppositories at this link.

The other technique that is recommended but not familiar for most is doing enemas. It's pretty simple and makes sense now that I have the info.  The two areas of the body thatMy girlfriend's 5 year old drew this and I had to use it! We have both Good Bugs & Bad Bugs" in our intestines at all times. We must try to keep the bad bugs in check by replenishing the good. have the most bacteria (both the good and the bad bugs) are the colon (obviously) and the vagina. Populating these areas with healthy bacteria will help to ensure faster victory over the yeast beast. If you've never done an enema, it sounds much worse than it actually is. Click here to find out my step by step instructions for enemas at home.

Additional Important Tips:

  • Drink 1 ounce of (half Braggs's Apple Cider Vinegar & water) 3x's daily before meals. You can also spoon a small amount of raw honey in there to make it taste better. 
  • Go to the health food store and buy Pau D' Arco Herb liquid tincture. Take 20 drops in water 3 times daily for at least 2 weeks, longer if the candida persists.
  • Avoid refined sugar and beer. 

 All of these things I have done and were recommended to me for overgrowth of yeast by my Naturopath Practitioner. I know that it's working, I just have to work it. I had about an entire month of ZERO symptoms, in the last 2 weeks I've unfortunately seen a resurgence as I've been enjoying probably too many yeasty beers. Now that I've removed that from the diet, it's dying back again. 

I hope this is helpful information as it' was for me. Please reach out to me with any natural health questions at