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Dinner For One, a la Veg!

Well the hubs is eating out tonight so what's a girl to do? I want to eat healthy but I don't want a big production. I'm thinking organic garnet yams and a gigantic salad drizzled with my Herbal Hemp Dressing. PLUS- the first decent tomato since last fall. It even smelled like a tomato! 

The garnet yam was sliced in two and covered in organic grass fed butter. Then taking rosemary I grew last summer and placing it in the palm of my hand, I grind by pressing and rubbing it between my palms. Don't be shy with that rosemary- I don't think there is any better flavor in the world!

Bake the yam at 400º for 40 minutes and you'll have perfection- wrap it in tin foil to keep it nice and moist. I ate my salad while I cooked the yam, it couldn't have been easier and the nutrition is off the charts! Fiber, vitamins, minerals- Yams are a great source of B Vitamins and they are a complex carb which it a slow release into the blood stream and VERY satisfying. 

Who says dinner for one can't be easy, delicious and healthy?!