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Doctor Knows Best? An Experience With Antibiotics & UTI's

My Sister recently had a chat with her doctor about her recurrent UTI's, she was there for her yearly and it came up in coversation. She's had them for years. Now, she really likes this doctor. She is caring, she talks to my Sister at appointments (more than most MD's do), and she isn't as quick to write prescriptions as some. 

Sissy told her how I helped her stay out of the hospital for a serious UTI infection back in April 2012. It had moved into her kidneys in a matter of hours. She was extremely weak, disoriented, was running a fever, she had chills, shakes and her kidneys ached with infection. When I got to her, I was SO scared. This is my SISTER we're talking about here! 

I acted fast with Meadowsweet herb for pain, Cornsilk to support the renal system, a big homeopathic dose of Arnica montana for pain. We started straight away with Olive Leaf for infection, alternating with colloidal silver which is also used for bacterial and viral infections. I made her parsley tea for it's cleansing and supportive action on the kidneys and bladder. I did a few other things that day such as a castor oil pack which helped to decrease pain and inflammation from the infection in her kidneys. We did large doses of probiotics for weeks after. And she continued much of the regiment (although not as intensely) for probably 2 or 3 weeks. 

I knew that she was hurting badly that day, I could see it in her pretty face. I hit this UTI with everything I knew to use. She has health insurance but knew that if she went to the hospital they would put her on antibiotics, which is how she got here to begin with. 

6 months prior to this episode in October 2011 she'd had a UTI. They were progressively getting worse each time and she was in great pain. She was desperate and got on a course of antibiotics. It was this final blow to her immune system that led to the serious event that I'm telling you about.

Antibiotics are temporary fixes to UTI & Bladder infections. They do not cure them. They deplete the healthy bacteria in the gut, thus depleting resistance. You must treat the root of the problem. If you do get lucky and get rid of it with antibiotics, it will only manifest later in some other way; in either the renal or reproductive systems. Treating the root is imperative. 

My sister had at least 1 UTI a year for probably ten years and in the early days she would either get on an antibiotic or take D-Mannose or Cranberry pills. Those only masked the pain, killed the bacteria temporarily AND didn't get to the root of the problem. This is the mission of every Naturopath- to get to the root of disease. 

I tell you all this because (back to my Sisters doc), when she told her MD of this incident, her MD replied,"Oh no, no no, if she had a fever, and was experiencing back pain like that she would need antibiotics for a severe infection. She could go into organ failure." She didn't believe that I helped my sister's body to recover on it's own natually. I gave Sissy the tools, her body did the rest beautifully. It took time. It was hard. 

She hasn't had a serious recurrence yet (4 months later) and I plan to keep it that way. She did have 1 day where she felt she was getting one but immediately began with renal strengthening herbals and probiotics and it was gone. This is much improved from the last episodes. 

To anyone reading this: In health, there are always options. YOU HAVE OPTIONS.

If a doctor is telling you that you must have antibiotics for an infection, you must take meds for a condition, realize this is just part of the truth. The antibiotics will fix you temporarily, but they will leave you short on healthy bacteria (much of your immune system), medications can control blood pressure (for example)- but you might end up with a side-effect like frequent urination, doing god knows what to the renal system. Antibiotics for life threatening conditions may be necessary- I still say you have other options in those cases too- But I understand that there are times and places for antibiotics. 

I hope one day that I can have productive conversation with medical doctors, but I'm afraid that we just might be two completely different sides to a coin. It might just be futile. MD's have their methods, the body has it's own methods and time tables. When we respect the body and what it needs to be healthy, we win. Some people want magic-bullet pills, but there is no such thing. They all have a price. You just have to figure out if your willing to pay the toll, or not.

Natural healing has it's price too. It's patience, diligence and an open mind. It takes time to be well. Years if not a lifetime. There are amazing instances of immediate cure with natural means. These are not the norm.

For me, I'll take the natural route- I'm willing to pay that toll.

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DISCLAIMER: IF YOU NEED MEDICAL ATTENTION CALL 911. I am not a physician, I'm a Naturopathic Student. Natural Health advice contained herein are suggestions only and are not meant to prescribe, treat, diagnose or cure any disease. They will help the body do what it does best, to heal itself; when given the needed nutrients, minerals, and substances. Changes that you make are of your own free will and are done so with the knowledge that you take 100% responsibility for your own health.