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Earaches Treated Homeopathically

Antibiotics are commonly given for earaches;

However many times this is not an effective treatment. If the earache is viral in nature it won't do a lick of good, but it can do harm.

Antibiotics should be a last resort as they do irreparable damage to the healthy bacteria in the intestines. This is important as your healthy bacteria is the cornerstone of your immune system health.

Homeopathic earache remedies are the way to go in my opinion. Side effect free, effective, inexpensive and children respond wonderfully to them. Check them out!
Some of the remedies below have links to purchase, a few do not. They can all be purchased at a health foods store near you. Just ask for the Blue Homeopathic Tubes!
  • Chamomilla 30C for violent painful earache with the child pulling on the ear and a "unpleasable" disposition.
  • Pulsatilla 30C for yellow green discharge from the ear, ear feels stopped up. Child has a whiny temperament and wishes to be held and "babied". 
  • Belladonna 30C for sudden intense pains that come and go. Especially the right ear is affected.  Worse in the evening, better with warm application. Earache will be accompanied by fever, and the child is sensitive to light, sound and touch. 
  • Mercurius 30C with sharp stabbing pains in the ear, very severe earache. Roaring sound in the ears. Worse with heat applied. Typically it's worse at night. Child may have swollen lymph nodes, the Mercurius child who is sick always stinks, the breath, the sweat, everything stinks. 
  • Hepar sulph 30C is for middle or late stage ear infections. They are sensitive to drafts and feel chilly. They are better with warm applications and may have thick creamy discharge that stinks coming out of the ears. This earache is worse at night. 
  • Silica 30C for recurrent earaches in a frail individual. This remedy promotes healing of the eardrum. For middle and late stage earaches. May have an itching sensation in the ear.
  • Kali mur 30C for earaches that cause temporary deafness. This remedy clears the eustachian tubes. Recommended specifically for those flying that have an earache. 
  • Causticum 30C for oaring and buzzing in the ears, Earache is brought on by wind blowing into the ears. 
All of these can be purchased at a health food store in little blue tubes by Boiron brand. They look like this (see aforementioned link) and are around $7. Allow 1 pellet to dissolve under the tongue every hour until symptoms change. Paying close attention to the behavior, what makes it feel better or worse and intensity of pain. Mullein and garlic earache oil by Herb Pharm is also wonderful:)
If the boney area behind the ear is tender (for more than a week) and in any case where discharge lasts more than a week, seek a homeopathic physician or D.O.

 Homeopathy is a safe, effective way to treat children, pregnant woman, and animals. It's a method of treatment that uses diluted substances to encourage the immune system to heal naturally. 

It's important that the remedy description matches the symptoms of the individual in homeopathy. Check out this book "Homeopathic Medicne at Home" for basic at home homeopathic care.

Please reach out to me at for a consult or more information on Homeopathy or other natural health topics.