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Fasting Works For Me

Juicing has really improved my health in the last year.

The most noticiable change is my digestion; less bloating, gas, easier to maintain my weight, stay active and look younger. With a focus on vegetables and fruits I have more energy which is nice. I know that I'm getting the antioxidants I need to stay healthier longterm too! I also have noticed with juicing (and taking iodine & herbals) that I have less period pain and fewer days of cramping; also a bonus. 

There are alot of little things that change when you begin to juice. I feel like I dont have to work out as much to maintain my weight for example. Which is good because Modern Hippie biz is hopping! Juicing is easy excluding the cleanup!), delicious and so good for you and your family. (kids too!)

Reasons to fast:

  • Detoxification from mucous forming/acid forming foods like dairy for example. 
  • Redirection of the energy spent in the body to digest food TO repair organs, cleanse the blood the bowels the skin etc. 
  • Reduction in weight which harbors toxins that can contribute to cancer, diabetes, heart disease and even hormonal issues (belly fat is very hormonal imbalance related)
  • High mineral, antioxidant, and enzyme content in freshly juiced juices improves digestion by boosting the enzyme potential in the gut. 
  • Feeling and looking 5 years younger-right off the bat AND fitting into all the jeans in the closet.
  • Completely eliminates or at the very least significantly diminishes chronic disease. For me this is arthritis and allergies. If I begin to not eat correctly, lots of wheat, processed foods, & refined sugars, I'll inevitably start to feel those symptoms again. 

Enzymes are prevalent when we are young. As we age & with poor diet, alcohol, stress etc; We lose enzymes potential. These are the enzymes produced for every turkey dinner we woof down. We tax our bodies more & more; this is in part why so many have digestive probelms. It also contributes to the aging process. But juice fasting is the closest thing I know to turning back the clock. 

Fasting is a reset button for my life. If I don't feel good when I wake up in the morning, I know that it's probably time for a fast. I really don't eat too bad, but if I begin to consume too many beers too many bowls of icecream and too few workouts and salads; I really start feeling it in my joints, my mood, my outlook on life, and my digestion suffers. 

Fasting works for me. Have you ever thought it might work for you?