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Fluoride Term Paper

Industrial Pollutant to Dental Panacea (Part 1 of 3)

Fluoride began as an industrial poison, entire books have been written on this subject. Kaj Roholm, a Danish researcher documented his fluoride findings in smelting factories of Europe with his landmark book Fluoride Intoxication in 1937. Despite this and subsequent research warning us to it's toxicity, water fluoridation is highly respected in the U.S., being called one of the "top public health achievements of the 20th century" by the CDC. It's considered a dental panacea or "magic bullet". 

Most of you reading this know that I post alot on the dangers of fluoridated water. I wrote a 30 page term paper on the subject so I've learned alot in the last year. Under this paragraph in BOLD is the link to my paper. I hope you can make time to check it out!

The History of Fluoride in America: Industrial Pollutant to Dental Health Panacea

Don't have time to read it!? Here's the highlights of why fluoride is a poison. I urge you to make time to search for the truth about fluoride. 

Fluoride is...

  • A neurotoxin, comparable in relative toxicity to arsenic and lead. 
  • Has been proven to increase bone cancer rates 7 fold in young boys living in towns with fluoridated water. 
  • Has been shown with "statistical significance" to produce hyperactive behavior, lower IQ and retarded behavior in laboratory rats. 
  • Fluoride increases instances of hip fracture as it lowers bone density over time, making bones brittle.
  • Disrupts the thyroid, enzymatic function, causes boney growths and bone changes, is cumulative in the body and difficult to remove from water. 
  • Fluoride is in 70% of all municipal water supplies in the U.S. today.

Stay tuned for part II and III of my paper in the next week or so:)