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FREE Apitherapy Seminar in Ohio, Saturday February 18th 2012

Hello Friends!
Who's interested in learning about the amazing world of Apitherapy? This the therapeutic use of all things from bee hives. The honey, the royal jelly, the bee propolis & of course, the venom. 
I'll be traveling down to Ohio on Saturday February 18th to take part in an Apitherapy Seminar. It's a potluck so we can all take a dish to pass.
Bee Sting therapy has been used for over 3000 years in China to cure disease such as arthritis and is used for many serious injuries and conditions.
There will be speakers from all over the country, live sting demonstrations, info on bee keeping and more. This is an amazing opportunity; it's FREE and it could open up a whole new facet of natural healing. I'M STOKED!!!!
Please reach out if your interested!