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Gallbladder Cleanse; Avoid Surgery & Improve Health!

This one isn't for the faint of heart.  I'll bullet point the directions for you first;  then elaborate on some second hand experience.  I haven't done this one YET myself.  But I do believe that next month is the month! woo-hoo!

  • Begin taking the herb Hydrangea 5 days to 2 weeks prior to a full moon; Take between 12 and 18 per day. Hydrangea acts as a natural solvent to stones.  The moon's "pull" will help facilitate a better cleanse.
  • Fast for 2 days on Organic Apple Juice (preferably freshly juiced organic apple juice) It may be diluted with water too.  If you buy apple juice make sure to get a high quality organic brand form a health food store. 
  • At the end of the 2nd night before bed, quickly drink down a 1/2 cup of Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil mixed with a 1/2 cup Fresh Organic Lemon Juice. 
  • Lay down to bed on your right side.  Arrange the multiple pillows to help you stay comfortable there.
  • You'll likely wake up in the middle of the night and pass the stones as you would stool, or early the next morning. 

I know this might seem extreme or scary, my very good friend recently did her GB cleanse and she said that it was no big deal.  Taking the Hydrangea before hand softens the stones making them easy to pass.  The apple juice contains malic acid which also softens the stones.  This is why preparation is key here.

We ALL have stones in the gallbladder, if they become too big or abundant OR if one goes in to the Bile Duct, this is when we get problems, pain and sometimes surgery.  Doing this 1 time a year for the health of the gallbladder and liver is really beneficial.  If you go to an MD with a gallbladder issue, chances are they will want to remove it, no matter how minimal of a problem.  

Removal of the gallbladder is a stepping stone to chronic illness as it is responsible for storage and excretion of bile.  Bile is a natural laxative, emulsifies fats and is really important for digestive health.  The gallbladder can be supported successfully with Gallbladder Formula from Natures Sunshine Products.  See me with info on how to order.

Having to get your gallstones removed or a doctor telling you that you must have the gallbladder removed is a big neon sign telling you to get more minerals in your body via fruits and veggies.  The body is working hard to contend with what your feeding it and acidifying foods like meat, dairy, and processed foods are the main culprit.  A diet of 50-75% fruits and vegetables will provide adequate organic sodium which will prevent gallstones from becoming problematic in the first place. 

Let me know if you have questions on this or any other natural health topic~ Thanks!