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Got Allergies? This Neti Pot is your New Best Friend.


It's a piece of cake to use and once your in the habit you'll never go over the counter allergy medicines again. I should know!  I've been aflicted with seasonal allergies since I was about 12.  I would wake up with my eyes glued shut!  Once I got the hot wash cloth on there and pryed my eyes open, my eyes would be terribly bloodshot from itching in my sleep.  It was TERRIBLE!  Now I drink Nettle Tea, I watch the dairy intake, and I do my Neti at least once a week.  During allergy season, once a day:  Here's the instructions. 

  • ‎Buy 1 neti pot (under $20)
  • Buy 1 container uniodized salt (under $2)
  • Add 1 to 2 tsp salt to the neti
  • Add Hot Water first to disolve, stir salt water.
  • Add Cool water make water Luke warm before you use it.
  • Place Neti to nostril and lean over sink 
  • Tip Neti up to pour water into the nostril, water will travel through the sinus cavity and come out the other nostril.
  • First Time users do one full pot per nostril to thoroughly cleanse sinus cavity.
  • When both nostrils have been cleansed blow nose GENTLY. I like to have a kleenex box sitting right by the sink waiting for me.
  • The sinuses and ears will feel strange for about 20 minutes, feels like when you get off an airplane (congested and squeeky) but it goes away quickly. Within an hour you should feel better.
  • People that have been stuffed up for weeks may have to do this 2 or 3 times a day to get the sinuses back to normal.
  • One to four times per day should do, or before and after going outdoors.

Try it!  it sounds wierd but it works very well:) Check out the Neti Pot photo album at and let me know what you think!